Latex fashion by professionals


We are Hugo and Kameko and we create latex apparel, chokers and other fashion accessories with emphasis on quality, detail and processing in our small workshop in Prague. We are both professionals educated in the field of fashion design and guarantee that every single of our products is the result of precise handcraft. Read more about us.


Hololatex brand logo - triangle with an eye.



New arrivals


Check out our latest handcrafted latex apparel and accessories. Treat yourself with products from our workshop.


Custom production


We create custom latex clothing as well as accessories based on your wishes. We are professionals with long.time experience.


Latex apparel


Original, precisely crafted latex clothing from our workshop. We offer everything in confection sizes XS-XL or made to measure.


Fashion accessories


Neck chokers, fashion harnesses, belts and other vegan fashion accessories made from PVC and latex, which will top off any outfit.



Video about our brand


How is latex clothing created in our workshop, who are we and what’s important to us when making accessories from PVC.




Beautifull latex dresses


Latex dresses are an inseparable part of any latex fashion design studio’s portfolio, but also of any humble workshop like ours.



Fashion Harnesses


Fashion harnesses are fantastic modern accessories that can spice up any latex or conventional outfit.



Choker necklaces


Choker necklace is a modern garment accessory that fits closely around the neck, and thanks to the large selection of colors and types spices up literally any outfit.



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