Dear customers,


we are still open and we look forward to your orders and are working on them with maximum commitment. Considering the regulations tied to the coronavirus pandemic, we ask you for indulgence regarding the delivery time of your orders. Personal pickup in our workshop is not possible until further notice.

In case of any questions call +420702023763

Thank you for your understanding. Hugo a Kameko


New products


The latest handmade products from our workshop.


Latex Apparel


Original latex fashion from our production.




Chokers, harnesses and other modern accessories.


Latex dresses


Latex dresses are an inseparable part of any latex fashion design studio’s portfolio, but also of any humble workshop like ours.



Fashion Harnesses


Fashion harnesses are fantastic modern accessories that can spice up any latex or conventional outfit.



Choker necklaces


Choker necklace is a modern garment accessory that fits closely around the neck, and thanks to the large selection of colors and types spices up literally any outfit.



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