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An original design, hand-crafted in our workshop. This simple and stylish harness consists of a neck strap and a shiny vinyl tie, perfect for any gentleman (but also any lady), made of flexible PVC. Available in black or white; sizes XS to XL.

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If you're about to got to a classical music concert and you're helpless when it comes to ties, do not despair! We are rushing to your aid with the “Vinyl Gentleman” harness which will make you ready in no time. The result will be very unique indeed, and you may as well call it the Royal Albert Hall Rebellion.

We hope you won't tell anyone, but this one was a coincidence. We were working on a different harness and were left with an extra collar. As it was hanging on the mannequin, we got an idea, and as soon as we cut a shiny PVC tie and attached it to the rest, we knew we had to start offering them to our customers.

The design consists of three parts: the tie, a neck strap, and a triangular piece that connects the two. The strap comes with symmetrical fastenings with five eyelets at both ends, set 1.5cm apart from one another. This allows you to adjust the length of the strap, and wear the harness comfortably, no matter how thick your neck may be.

Since we wish to make our harnesses available for everyone, we've decided not to use leather. Although there are many who like this traditional material, we believe our customers might appreciate products made from something alternative and more corresponding to the modern lifestyle and trends.

That is why we've decided to make our harnesses out of smooth, flexible PVC, a material that is pleasing to the touch, causes little friction and quickly adjusts to body temperature. We always take great care in smoothing the edges in order to prevent the harnesses from digging into the skin or causing damage to other garments.





Neck28 - 31cm32 - 35cm36 - 39cm40 - 43cm44 - 47cm

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MaterialPlasticized PVC and saddle metal elements
PVC thickness2mm
Strap width2cm
SizeXS - XL
Handcraftedin the Czech Republic
Delivery time in days3

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