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The handbag has always been one of the most distinct accessories to spice up a regular as well as latex outfit. In our category with handbags and cases you will find these accessories with a modern and extravagant coating from shiny durable PVC or latex, modern materials suitable even for vegans. Whether you’re getting ready for a concert, themed party or a more formal occasion, there is always time for some extravagance. We offer simple handbags, single-colour ones, however also extreme ones, studded with spikes and other decorations in many colourful designs and levels of extravagance. Regardless of whether you go for a handbag or case from PVC to complement regular or latex clothing, you will surely score a lot of curious looks.

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  • A coffin-shaped handbag made from soft PVC with a shoulder strap in semi-transparent red. A coffin-shaped handbag made from soft PVC with a shoulder strap in semi-transparent red.
    Handbag “Ms. Coffin”

    The handbag “Ms. Coffin” is handcrafted from quality soft PVC in the Czech Republic in our workshop. It has the shape of a small coffin, is riveted along its whole length and is closed with a metal zipper. The inside of the handbag is smooth, without divisions or pockets. We supply it with an adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable wearing. An ideal...

    4 000,00 Kč


Bespoke Handbags and cases



Hololatex is here for you. We are professionals and offer experience of many years in the production of clothing and accessories from alternative materials. We will take care of you from the consultation, creating a perfectly fitted pattern, to the delivery of your dream product.




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