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Headbands and other headwear accessories of diverse designs and colours make for an excellent cherry on top to go with your outfit, whether you’ll use them for daily wear or for special occasions. These products are non-leather, therefore suitable even for vegans. We handcraft them from quality soft PVC or latex directly in our workshop in the Czech republic.

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  • Headdress "Mr. Tomcat" Headdress "Mr. Tomcat"
    Headdress "Mr. Maus"

    A headband with big mouse ears. The headband is adjustable with a strap and aside from a few silver-coloured rivets, it’s made completely from soft PVC. Ideal for cosplays or as an accessory for a themed event or meetup. The headband is handcrafted in our workshop in Prague. Thanks to the adjustable strap, we offer it in one size and in any colour from...

    500,00 Kč
  • Headdress "Mr. Tomcat" Headdress "Mr. Tomcat"
    Headdress "Mr. Tomcat"

    A headdress with cat ears, handcrafted from quality soft PVC. The ears are attached to a 2cm wide stripe with silver-coloured rivets. The headband features an adjustable strap ensuring a perfect fit and comfortable wearing. We offer this product in many colours of PVC and based on your wishes we will also be happy to modify it to your liking, whether it...

    500,00 Kč


Bespoke Headwear



Hololatex is here for you. We are professionals and offer many years of experience in the production of clothing and accessories from alternative materials. We will take care of you from the consultation, through the creation of a perfectly fitting pattern, to the delivery of your dream product.




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