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19. 11. 2020

Estimated reading time: 3 min


Dear fans of latex fashion,

the year is slowly coming to an end and the period of the Christmas holidays is coming. Questions are beginning to appear, what to give to your dear half and friends, what size to order and how to actually take care of such latex.


Hololatex Lucky Pack

Estimated reading time: 3 min


We have the perfect solution for you. Thanks to Lucky Pack, you will sweep all these worries and questions off the table. Lucky Pack is a mysterious package that you can buy in worth of 1,000, 2,000 or 5,000 CZK, while the value of the products hidden in it will always be at least 30 % higher than if you ordered the individual pieces separately.

What awaits you and the recipient in the Lucky Pack? Chokers for the neck, bracelets, fashion harnesses and more are to be found in the package. Simply the best and most interesting of our products in the category of accessories, so you do not have to worry about a full latex care box or five identical pieces. At the same time, if you or the person in question already own one of our products, just write it to us in the order note and we will make sure that you get another piece. The whole package is carefully composed so that its contents make sense and make the greatest possible joy.




Small hololatex lucky pack

Small Hololatex lucky pack

Medium Hololatex lucky pack

Medium Hololatex lucky pack

Big Hololatex lucky pack

Big Hololatex lucky pack



Would you like coffee?


We assemble the Lucky Pack in three variants. Just answer the question, "How do you like your coffee?" We will make happy fans of gothic romance, night and black coffee, as well as the fans of coffee, which is full of sugar and milk. And for unicorn lovers we are also very well equipped. In terms of sizes, we have laid out a table for you with all the necessary measurements to make your selection as easy as possible.

You give not only PVC accessories, but above all joy and surprise that you both will not just forget. In addition, our products are also suitable for vegans, thanks to their durability they last for life and are made by hand in a Czech workshop. What more could you want from a Christmas present.

If you prefer to make a safe bet and choose a specific piece, just browse the category of accessories in our e-shop. Or, on the contrary, if you do not dare to choose anything, our Hololatex gift voucher is available to you, it can be applied to both the products on offer and tailor-made latex.

We wish you a successful Christmas gift collecting and then only relax, quiet and peace,

Hugo and Kameko



Hololatex gift voucher in the hands of Latexelf - the mascot of our Christmas.

Hololatex gift voucher

Hololatex lucky pack in the hands of Latexelf - the mascot of our Christmas.

Hololatex lucky pack




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