A choker under the mistletoe

Blog header - An elf in latex stockings with a Hololatex bag full of gifts.


11. 11. 2019

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Christmas is almost around the corner and you still don’t know what to give to your loved ones? Choker necklaces make for an amazing gift, which anyone will appreciate. It’s a modern accessory, which, thanks to a vast amount of designs and colours, will always look awesome no matter what outfit you decide to wear it with.

Nowadays, chokers are a very well-liked fashion trend, which only keeps gaining in popularity. Therefore you’ll certainly make anyone happy, when they find one from you under their Christmas tree.




Choker necklace made from transparent green PVC decorated with metal chains and a moon attached to a ring in silver.

Choker necklace „Mr. Oberon“

Latexelf, the mascot of our Christmas, in latex stockings opening a Christmas present.

Latexelf, in his natural habitat.

A pink choker necklace made from a 2cm stripe of PVC, with two rows of neon green metal spikes.

Choker necklace „Mr. Neonum“




We handcraft our chokers from vegan materials, therefore making them suitable for everyone. For the base, we use quality soft PVC, which has a distinguished durability while remaining very comfortable for daily wear, and serves as a modern alternative to leather.

We are continually working on new designs, however we’re open to your ideas as well and will be more than happy to create a custom accessory exactly to your liking.


And how about leaving the choosing to us?


If you like the element of surprise and love opening Christmas presents, our Lucky Pack is the right choice for you! This mysterious box is full of accessories from our workshop and its value is at least 30% higher than if you were to buy every item separately. Sharing is caring so get one and share its contents together with your friends. Find out more about Lucky Packs.

But no one said, you only have to give presents to others during Christmas, don’t forget to treat yourself too!




Latexelf, our Christmas mascot, with a pack of mysterious content.






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