About Latex


New to latex?


Let us guess – you have zero personal experience with latex but you're curious. You've heard about it, seen some photos, maybe played a few videos. Latex has caught your eye, you sort of like it, you've made some assumptions and now you wonder if they are correct. Well, they might be, but then again, maybe not. But that's why we are here to indulge you.

There is a common belief within society which associates latex with reclusive subcultures, sexual services and pornography. Reality, however, is much more colourful. One of our goals is to take part in breaking down these stereotypes and introduce latex garments and accessories to the wider public.

Now, while latex is without doubt an extravagant and somewhat eccentric material, it does not mean that it should be exclusive to fetishists with whom it is usually associated. On the contrary! We firmly believe that latex can find its way into every modern wardrobe, including yours. After all, who says you can't combine it with regular clothes?





What is latex?


Latex is a 100% natural material gathered from the vessels of Hevea brasiliensis, more commonly known as the rubber tree. As the name suggests, it is a kind of natural rubber, and when processed to become an alternative to common fabrics, it offers excellent elastic properties and a pleasantly smooth texture, leading many enthusiasts to call it a second skin.

The tem alternative is quite fitting as latex is impermeable, it differs from usual woven materials, and therefore requires a different approach and treatment. But fear not! It's no rocket science. Taking care of latex is simple and easy, and many even consider it a fun ritual.

And to address the elephant in the room – yes, some customers worry about the material's airtight properties and related perspiration issues. Again, fear not! Your skin will sweat naturally under the material but since there is usually no way for air to get inside, the chemical reactions which cause the unpleasant body odour cannot happen.





Why is latex great?


If you're a fan of unusual variations, you are pleased to be the centre of attention and you wish to be the start of every party, latex fashion is the way to go! Latex garments immediately strike the eye with their shiny finish and stunning rich colours but at the same time can be very elegant and refined.

Latex is a modern material which has recently started to gain traction in the mainstream. It is not unheard of anymore to see a celebrity in a latex dress, for example. Furthermore, even some global fashion brands have started to take an interest in it.

That's why we say: don't be afraid of latex! We won't pretend it's a material for everybody, nor that some prejudice doesn't exist. However, if you are a person who pays little regard to such matters and you wish to add a little spice to your wardrobe, allow us to introduce you to latex and…





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