About latex

Close-up of pink latex stockings with stripes and bows.


Latex is great


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Latex is natural rubber characterised by its high softness and flexibility. Latex sheeting which is used for making clothing is a completely non-permeable and very flexible “fabric”. It’s made from the liquid derived from plants in the caoutchouc family,making it a material that comes from a renewable source. We use solely latex sheeting made in Europe, free of any animal ingredient additives, which makes our latex vegan-friendly.


If you enjoy being the centre of attention, want to be the star of every party and original outfits are enticing to you, latex fashion is the way to go. Latex clothing immediately strikes the eye with its shiny finish and stuns with its rich colours, while simultaneously also being elegant and refined. Furthermore, it looks fantastic when combined with regular clothes.

We strive to tear down the stereotypes and bring latex apparel and accessories more into the mainstream. And we are not alone - big fashion brands have long started being interested in latex and it’s now quite common to stumble across pictures of world famous celebrities clad in latex fashion.

That's why we say: don't be afraid of latex! We won't pretend this material is for everyone, nor claim that there is no prejudice. However, if you are a person who pays no to such matters, and you are looking to add a little spice to your wardrobe, check out our offer!




Our work


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Latex dress „Nautilus“ from our workshop.

Latex dress „Nautilus“

Latex jacket „Brandette“ and panties shown in black.

Latex jacket „Brandette“ and panties


Flyer for Prague Fetish Weekend 2019 from Hololatex production.

Flyer for Prague Fetish Weekend 2019. Latex set „Candytwist“

Latex set „Dusk and Dawn“.

Latex set „Dusk and Dawn“


Angelina Angelic in Hololatex latex dress.

Angelina Angelic in latex dress from out workshop

Latex dress „Antebellum“

Formal latex dress „Antebellum“