About latex


Latex is great


If you're a fan of unusual variations, you are pleased to be in the spotlight and you wish to be the star of every party, latex fashion is the way to go! Latex garments immediately strike the eye with their shiny finish and stunning rich colours but at the same time can be very elegant and refined. Furthermore, they look fantastic when combined with regular clothes.

One of our goals is to tear down the stereotypes and bring latex garments and accessories closer to the mainstream. And we are not alone! Big fashion brands started becoming interested in latex year ago and it is quite normal to stumble across a picture of a global celebrity in a latex dress.

That's why we say: don't be afraid of latex! We won't pretend it's a material for everybody, nor that some prejudice doesn't exist. However, if you are a person who pays little regard to such matters and you wish to add a little spice to your wardrobe, have a look at our offer!




Our work


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Latex dress „Nautilus“ from our workshop.

Latex dress „Nautilus“

Latex jacket „Brandette“ and panties shown in black.

Latex jacket „Brandette“ and panties


Flyer for Prague Fetish Weekend 2019 from Hololatex production.

Flyer for Prague Fetish Weekend 2019. Latex set „Candytwist“

Latex set „Dusk and Dawn“.

Latex set „Dusk and Dawn“


Angelina Angelic in Hololatex latex dress.

Angelina Angelic in latex dress from out workshop

Latex dress „Antebellum“

Formal latex dress „Antebellum“





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