About PVC

Front fastening of a fashion harness - buckles.


Vegan-friendly material


PVC is a washable, soft but firm plastic material. Thanks to its properties it presents a vegan-friendly alternative to the often used leather and is therefore ideal for the production of fashion accessories, like the neck chokers or fashion harnesses offered by us. This modern material corresponds with current trends and thanks to a broad array of colours, it will easily find its way into everyone’s wardrobe. The PVC used by us is manufactured in Europe under ethical conditions, is free of phthalates and is dermatologically tested by the National Institute of Public Health.

When making our PVC accessories, we pay close attention to detail and high-quality processing. All chokers and fashion harnesses from our workshop have precisely smoothened edges to ensure comfortable wear and are made with quality saddlery components. Thanks to the durability of PVC, you can also be sure that our products will last long if you care for them properly.

If you are looking for a modern and original accessory, a choker necklace or fashion harness should definitely become a part of your closet. We are constantly expanding our offer and are also happy to handcraft any PVC accessories as bespoke items according to your wishes. We are also keeping the environment in mind and actively strive to make our products with as little negative impact on it as possible. You can read more about our approach to the environment in our ecology section.


Five choker necklaces “Mr. Ringswing” in different colours neatly laid out next to each other.

How to care for PVC products


  • PVC products are easily washable with water. In case of heavier pollution it’s also possible to use a window cleaning or any other alcohol based product.
  • Be gentle when cleaning PVC. Use a soft cloth so you don’t scratch the surface.
  • Always let everything dry properly. The metal components should never be exposed to prolonged dampness or humidity, or else they will corrode. Walking in the rain will obviously not lead to damage.
  • Store your PVC products in a dry place. In the case of transparent or light colours, we recommend storing them in the boxes they arrived in.
  • PVC is a very durable material, which doesn’t require any further special care. It’s highly adaptable to your body temperature and therefore comfortable to wear.
  • Products from our workshop serve, apart from a few exceptions, solely as clothing accessories, so we recommend avoiding any rough treatment. If you’re interested in a more sturdy choker or harness, visit our page about bespoke items, or contact us right away.





A showcase of our PVC work


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White and semi-transparent white extravagant PVC neck choker with lots of spikes and the word PUNK.

Choker „Mr. Decent“

A fashion harness with massive buckles made from transparent PVC designed to hug the torso.

Fashion harness „Utility“

A subtle, black belt from PVC decorated with chains.

Belt „Mr. Girland“

A choker necklace from black PVC decorated with spikes along its entire circumference.

Choker „Mr. Stubthorn“






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