About us


We are Hugo and Kameko. We are Hololatex, a small Czech workshop handcrafting high-quality latex clothing and fashion accessories of our own design. We offer bespoke production, made-to-measure, as well as confection size latex products. We are both educated in the fashion industry, which is also our hobby. Therefore, we guarantee that each of our products is the result of professional handwork with great attention to quality, detail and precision.

We are breaking common stereotypes, changing how latex is viewed, and pushing accessories and clothing from this material into the mainstream. We offer modern and extravagant fashion for self-confident individuals, who like to be the centre of attention and are not afraid to wear something less conventional sometimes. We turn your visions into reality and always do our best to create a garment for you, which will not only fulfill your expectations, but will also make you feel great wearing it.

We turn your visions into reality and always do our best to create a garment for you, that will not only fulfill your expectations, but will also make you feel great wearing it.







I'm a men's tailor, however in the beginning of my independent life, I didn’t really find satisfaction in sewing, so I didn’t regard it as a potential way of making a living. For a long time I worked completely outside my field and I didn't believe I would ever use the gained knowledge.

The desire to create fashion has built up in me over time, when I started making accessories and sewing extravagant outfits for the events I would visit. People around me obviously started noticing and my occasional help with an accessory or prop turned into creating complete costumes for theatre performances.

The idea of ​​establishing a clothing brand that would give me full freedom of expression was already a quite clear goal then, and for years I’ve worked in various fields to be able to achieve it.

The first time cooperating with Kameko was while working on costumes for the spectacular theater show called Hell Party. During our collaboration, we not only found out that we are both perfectionists and work well together, but also that we have similar ambitions.



I was born into an academic family, but soon realized I wouldn't follow in my family’s footsteps. I was attending high school, and even back then I already had a clear vision of ​​my style and wasn't satisfied with clothes available in regular shops.

Alternative fashion has become my passion, so I decided to leave high school and go to a school of textile arts instead. During my studies, I was already making accessories and clothing for my own project Epitaph. Around this time I also met Hugo and we started working together. At first it was more about occasional consultations and advice, but over time it became true teamwork, which was perfectly reflected for example in the outfits for Hell Party.

We clicked and working as a team suited us, so once we realized we had a similar goal and vision, we decided to start an independent project focused on creating latex fashion and accessories.





Hololatex timeline


Our online store was launched in October 2017 after more than a year of intense preparations. Setting up the whole project was a huge challenge for us, since at that time, we were still going to our regular jobs - Kameko even to school - so we could only devote ourselves to the development in the evenings and nights.



03 / 2020


The Coronavirus crisis


The coronavirus pandemic hit the whole world and we’re not an exception. Same as many others, we as well are heavily affected by the crisis and are dealing with a huge decrease in the interest of our products while trying our best to navigate this situation. We’ve temporarily started sewing cotton face masks which we are donating to hospitals and giving away to our friends.

10 / 2019


Hololatex on the PFW 2020 poster


For the third year in a row, we are taking part in the visual presentation of Prague Fetish Weekend, with Latex set "Ansalong"from our workshop being featured on its official poster.

01 / 2019


Our workshop is moving


In the beginning of 2019, our workshop moved from the flat, where the whole project had started, into a bigger place in Prague 5. Our workshop grew from one table and cupboard in the corner of a room into a small, but fully equipped working space for our creations.

12 / 2018


Till Lindemann wears Hololatex


Till Lindemann from Rammstein, wears latex from our workshop! We had the honour of creating a custom latex cheerleader uniform, which was featured in his video clip “Mathematik”.

05 / 2018


Hololatex for the first time at Animefest


In May 2018, we attended Animefest in Brno for the first time with our stand, where the convention visitors were able to purchase PVC accessories, as well as latex clothing from our workshop.

10 / 2017


The launch of our online store


We launched our online store during the 2017 Prague Fetish Weekend festival after more than a year of preparations. Instead of fireworks, we put on an exciting show to celebrate.




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