About us


We are Hugo and Kameko. We are Hololatex.


We’re a small Czech workshop handcrafting latex apparel and accessories of our own design. Since we are both educated in the craft and consider it our hobby, we can guarantee that each of our products is a gem made with detail and precision in mind.

We participate in getting rid of the stereotypes commonly associated with latex and we want to tear down the label of a fetishist material that belongs into dark dungeons from it, because we see it as a a modern and extravagant material for self-confident individuals who like to wear something more unusual.

We are constantly expanding our permanent offer of latex clothes and accessories, while we also produce bespoke items. We are making your visions a reality and always do our best to create you a garment that will not only fulfill visions, but will be comfortable as well.



Hugo & Kameko. Hololatex.



I'm a men's tailor, but at the beginning of my independent life I didn’t really find satisfaction in sewing, so I couldn’t even imagine making a living with this craft. For a long time I worked completely outside my field and I didn't believe I could ever use the knowledge I’ve got from school.

Desire to create renewed over time once I started to create accessories and sew extravagant clothes for events I visited. My surroundings of course noticed, and from occasional help with accessories or props, I soon got into creating full costumes for theater performances.

The idea of ​​establishing a brand that would give me full freedom of expression was already a quite clear goal then, and I’ve worked in a variety of sectors for many years to achieve it.

The first time we cooperated with Kameko was while working on costumes for a magnificent theater show called Hell Party. During our collaboration, we not only found that we both are perfectionists and we work well together, but also that we have similar ambitions. One thing led to another and… :)



I was born into an academic family, but soon I realized I wouldn't follow my family’s footsteps. I used to go to high school, and even back then I already had a clear vision of ​​my style, while I wasn't happy with clothes that were available in normal shops at all.

Alternative clothing has become my passion, so I‘ve decided to leave the high school, go to an art school of textile crafts and, during my studies, I started making accessories and clothing for my own project Epitaph. At this time, I’ve also met Hugo and we started to cooperate. At first it was more about occasional consultations and advices, but over time it became a true team work, which was perfectly reflected for example in the clothing for Hell Party 2016.

We got along well and worked perfectly as a team, so when we realized we had a similar goal and vision, we‘ve decided to start an independent project focused on creating latex apparels and accessories.





We officially launched our online store in October 2017, during our performance at the Prague Fetish Weekend. Setting up the whole project was a huge challenge for us, since we were still going to our full time jobs - Kameko even to school - at the time of preparation, so we could only devote ourselves to development in the evenings and at nights.

Now it is 2019, we are not even 2 years old and in that time we have grown more than we ever hoped to. In a relatively short period of time, we have gained a vast amount of experience, collaborated with many great people and mainly, we’ve made an incredible amount of work that we are proud of. The fact that we have created and still are creating clothes for a lot of you, we have been participating on the visual page of Prague Fetish Weekend for the third year, and even singer of the band Rammstein Till Lindemann owns clothing from our workshop, is a great honor for us. But we definitely do not stop here, on the contrary!

Our in the bud relatively small project has become something that we are gradually adapting our entire lives to. Just one table and a shelf in the corner of the room turned into a small, fully equipped workshop, with which we recently moved to a better space. Now we finally have a place for even more creative work, and with every day we’re moving more and more forward. Thank you all for staying with us and crossing your fingers.







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