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11. 02. 2020

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Dear latex fashion enthusiasts,

after a short break, we are back to regular blog posts, in which we will be informing you about new products from our workshop, the best way to take care of them, and also about events where you can see us either with our stand or as visitors.

We are continuously and tirelessly working, so you can soon look forward to new items and the expansion of our current offer. Your growing interest in our products and craft is very motivating and we really appreciate it. We would like to thank you for your huge support throughout the entire existence of our workshop, it truly means a lot to us.


Hololatex crew.

Hololatex Crew

Latex sailor dress.

Latex sailor dress



In the past year, we were, among other things, intensively preoccupied with the ecological aspect of our production, and we continue to pursue the search for better ways to create our products with maximum sustainability and eco-friendliness. You can read more about what kind of packaging material we use and also our approach to ecology in the Ecology section, which we’re planning on continuing to expand this year.

We are well aware of the luck we have to be able to make a living making luxurious products and we are doing everything in our power to keep this opportunity.




Hololatex workshop in Prague.

Our workshop

Latex set with stars pattern.

Latex set with stars



In 2019 you had the chance to see us at Prague Fetish Weekend and as per tradition, we also visited Animefest again, where you can find us with our stand this year as well. We are thrilled and very proud of the fact, that our outfits are starting to appear on both local and international stages across a number of diverse scenes such as drag and burlesque, or, for instance, that we had the opportunity to create a latex set for Till Lindemann, which is featured in the music video to his song "Mathematik".




Don’t forget that, for your comfort, we enabled personal pick-ups of your orders in Prague, as well as the option to reach us at our newly introduced phone number in case you need advice on choosing a product, or to inquire about the status of your order.

Once again, we thank you all and read you next time.

Hugo a Kameko






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