10 / 25 / 2018

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Dear friends of latex and especially Hololatex :)


Since we'll be celebrating the our Republic's centenary in just a few days, we must forgive the national media for largely ignoring our brand's first birthday :) However, it's true – the Prague Fetish Weekend festival took place over the last weekend, marking the first anniversary of Hololatex introducing itself to the world. Holy Rubber! Time really flies, doesn't it?

Some of you perhaps recall our glorious football show a.k.a. the first kick-off. This year, instead of planning another live show, we decided to set up a large stall at the Fetish Market and show the festival's attendants what we've been up to lately. Many thanks you to everyone who stopped by, we were really excited by the interest in our stuff you guys showed!


Kameko Epitaph, Hololatex booth at Prague Fetish Weekend 2018

Hololatex booth at Prague Fetish Weekend 2018

Denisa Ell, Hololatex booth at Prague Fetish Weekend 2018


Later, we set off to fetish night, but instead of running around the backstage like nervous ferrets and making final adjustments before our show like last year, we simply went there to enjoy the evening and have fun. It's hard to describe how heart-warming it was to see so many people in the audience dressed in our designs. After just one year! Wow!

To give at least some examples, we'd like to mention fetish night's host Angelina Angelic who wore a Hololatex dress during the official programme and then changed into our chainwork outfit for the rest of the evening. Another of our chainwork designs was worn by Chlorophyll von Needle, and we think it’s safe to announce that similar chainy stuff will soon become part of our offer.


Angelina Angelics wearing custom Hololatex dress at Prague Fetish Weeknedu 2018

Hololatex booth at Prague Fetish Weekend 2018

Chlorophyll von Needle and Angelina Angelics wearing chain garments from our workshop


Speaking of fetish night, we'd like to say how thrilled we were by the innovations. We loved the idea of turning the central bar into a stage which made all the presentations very dynamic and allowed everyone to see the new designs up close. We enjoyed the evening so much we stayed there until early morning hours, despite being exhausted after all those weeks of hard work.

So what's next? Well, we took a few days off to get some rest and tidy up our workshop, since we really worked at breakneck pace in order to get everything done before PFW. However, we're back in business now, accepting new orders, and getting ready for Christmas. And yes, we've got some surprises in store for you which you'll probably really like :) But more on that later...


Read you soon!


Your Hololatex


You will find more photos from Prague Fetish Weekend at the:






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