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20. 09. 2018

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Dear friends of smooth, shiny latex,

we've expanded our offer of beGLOSS, an amazing line of products which are designed directly for treating latex clothing. We now offer almost the entire range of beGLOSS products, i.e. Everything you need to take proper care of your latex before, while, and after wearing it.

We'd like to direct your attention to beGLOSS Special Wash, an outstanding latex cleaning agent. All you need is a basin of lukewarm water, a measure of this product, and your latex will be as good as new once it dries, free of any impurities, shine or powder. We've tried many methods, but we've have never come across a better cleaning solution for latex than this.




beGLOSS latex polish in a 250ml container with a spray.

beGLOSS latex detergent in a 250ml container.

beGLOSS lubricant to help wear tight latex clothing.



Proper care for latex clothing


Another great addition is beGLOSS Perfect Shine UV & Storage protection, a polishing agent for treating latex clothes before wearing them outside during the day or storing it for a longer time. If you apply it on your latex, not only will it give it a shine – just like the regular Perfect Shine product – but also coat it in a protective layer against UV degradation.

We've also added new sizes of other beGLOSS products. The trusty beGLOSS Perfect Shine Premium polishing solution is now available in a little 100ml bottle, which is great for travels, and 250ml package, both with a spray pump. Classic shine without pump-spray beGLOSS Perfect Shine is now available in 250ml, 1L and 2,5L package.




beGLOSS polishing cloth for latex clothes.

beGLOSS fine powder for latex clothes in a 120g container.

beGLOSS polish for latex clothes with UV protection.



Let us just add that we can vouch for the quality of beGLOSS products. Since we've discovered them, we haven't been using anything else. Every piece of latex clothing on every picture across our website has been treated and polished with beGLOSS. We can't think of a bigger seal of approval than that.

Read you soon!

Your shiny, shiny Hololatex