We are well aware that our portfolio could never cover the entirety of our customers' needs and wishes. That is why we would like to go beyond the off-the-rack products and offer you the opportunity to order bespoke products tailored to your measures and ideas.

We wish for Hololatex to become the synonym for individuality and self-expression, and we are ready to listen to your wishes. Our products are made from materials which offer very wide options when it comes to design and crafting, and you will rarely hear us say something is impossible.

However extravagant your idea might be, you will find us happy to oblige, and ready to discover new solutions. It must be said that there is one more limit apart from your budget, and the physical properties of the materials, and that is Czech law.

For better clarity, we divided our bespoke items into the following three categories which will usually differ in price, and delivery times:


Tailored products


If, for whatever reason, you cannot or do not want to select from the default sizes, we will be very happy to make any of our original designs to measure. All other parameters of the design including restrictions (e.g. available colours) shall apply and remain the same.




Customised products


In this case, the original design will serve as a base which can be customised to your liking. This involves situations when you wish to order the product in a different colour or length, add a different collar, use a custom pattern, make you own inscription, or apply any other changes imaginable.

It goes without saying that these custom products are made to measure, if possible.




Unique designs


The sky’s the limit. If you are in the market for a unique design which would be exclusive to you, we are the shop for you. Share your ideas with us and we will employ all our effort and experience to make your wishes come true.

The process

If you wish to order a bespoke item – or you simply have any related questions – please contact us at For better clarity, please add “Bespoke items” into the heading, as this will help us sort through the messages more effectively.

You will hear back from us very soon, we will answer your questions and we will agree on the next steps. As it is almost certain we will need your measures, we will ask you to provide them during these initial consultations, and send you simple instructions how to measure yourself.

The process between the initial consultation and the delivery of the finished product will depend on the particular order. With products belonging to the first category, the process is quite straightforward and we even plan to automate it through an online form. Delivery times are also relatively short.

However, with products from the second, and especially the third category, one must expect longer communication and manufacturing. Our top priority is to be 100% sure we are on the same page with you, and we would send one more email, clarify one more detail, and ask one more question, rather than rushing the entire process and delivering a product that would not meet your expectations.

As a rule, bespoke items are more costly than off-the-rack products, but the final price is so dependent on the nature of each order that we cannot provide a general price list. We will be able to calculate an approximate sum during the initial consultations, but as always, do not hesitate to ask, even if you were only curious.






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