Bespoke items

Zakázková výroba


You have an idea. We have a workshop. So what are we waiting for? :)


Do you dream about having an unusual outfit, accessory or harness made exactly how you want it? Are you looking for someone who's up for the challenge? Do you like one of our products and you'd like to have it modified or made to measure? Well, then you're exactly where you need to be!

It doesn't matter whether you want us to dress you from head to toe, you desire a small accessory, or you simply want to ask some questions first. Contact us through our contact form or text us on Messenger in the bottom right corner. Let's create something amazing together!

Hololatex is built on individuality and self-expression. We treasure these values very deeply, and we are fiercely proud of being able to project them into our services. Bespoke orders and the associated consultations are the highest and most personal form of our trade.







Bespoke items are always made-to-measure. For better orientation, we divide them into the following three categories:


Hololatex designs


If a customer takes such a liking to any of our designs that they wish to have it made to measure, we are always very to oblige. We will craft the product in any colour or colour combination from our colour swatch.



Customised hololatex designs


We are also very happy to help customers who wish to have any of our designs customised to their own tastes, be it a different length, set of decals, caption or any other kind of modification. No restrictions on colours here either.



Unique designs


The biggest challenge as well as the biggest joy is to create unique bespoke designs in close cooperation with the customers themselves, from the first draft to the final product. In such cases, we favour meeting you personally to discuss, consult and measure.







First of all, allow us to thank you for your interest and trust! We approach every bespoke order individually, and the journey to the finished product is always different, yet they all start at the same point – the initial contact. *

Reach us through our contact form or text us via Messenger in the bottom right corner. Share your visions and ideas with us and don't hesitate to address us even if you simply wish to ask a few questions!

We'll be in touch very shortly, we'll provide answers to your queries and we'll agree on what's to come next. We will almost certainly need your body measurements, but you don't need to worry – you'll be provided with very clear instructions on how to proceed :)

The rest of the journey depends on the particular order. If you simply wish to have one of our designs made to measure, the process will be quite straightforward and won't take much longer than ordering the design in any of the regular sizes.

Orders from the second and especially the third category will take longer. Our goal is to achieve a 100% mutual understanding to ensure your complete satisfaction with the finished product, and this will always have priority over speed and rashness.


* If you wish to order one of our designs made-to-measure without any further modification, you can select it as the "size" in the order form, and you don't need to contact us. We'll get in touch with you :)





Generally, bespoke items are more costly than regular products, but the final price is so dependent on the nature of each order that we cannot provide a price list. However, we will be able to calculate an approximate sum right after during the initial consultation.

Although we wish to satisfy as many customers as possible, we reserve the right to refuse certain orders for ethical, aesthetic or legal reasons.








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