Bespoke items

Close-up of a big bow from wine red latex.



You have an idea. We have a workshop. So what are we waiting for?


Bespoke latex? A custom fashion harness? Or maybe just a question? Hololatex is here for you! We've received formal education and training in tailoring and dressmaking, and can offer many years of experience with alternative materials. We will take care of you, from the first pencil stroke to delivering the finished product.

Making latex apparel is our hobby and we see each custom order as a welcomed challenge. It doesn't matter whether you want a complex latex set, a made-to-measure fashion harness or just a neck choker. You will always receive a precise, hand-crafted product made with special attention to details, aesthetics and comfort. We find great pleasure in creating latex fashion.

Whether you desire a unique piece of latex clothing of your dreams, or one of our products made-to-measure or handcrafted in a colour of your choice, all you need to do is contact us using the button below or text us. We look forward to receiving your orders.




Custom latex


Burgundy latex dress to order with an intricate organic pattern for Angelina Angelic.

Latex based on your wishes

The opportunity to create custom latex clothing for you is a big indicator of your trust in us, which we value immensely. Tell us what you like, what you have in mind and how much you’re willing to invest into your outfit and we will do the maximum for your satisfaction. Simply write us a message.


Made-to-measure latex clothing

We are happy to make you any of the latex apparel from our regular offer to measure, with any modifications based on your wishes and in any colour combination you desire. Imagination knows no limits and we will always do our very best to accommodate all your needs and wishes. Thanks to the perfect fit, made to measure latex will bring you far more joy than latex in confection sizes.


Colourful latex

We offer more than 80 shades of latex sheeting. We love colourful latex and are happy to help you pick the right combination of colours while keeping in mind the aesthetic outcome. Have a look at our latex colour swatch.



Custom PVC fashion harnesses and accessories


Custom harness costume made of white and milky PVC for the whole body for Zoryu Blue.

PVC harness based on your instructions

A full body fashion harness, cosplay with lots of buckles, a metalwork outfit or just a delicate wristband? No problem. We can carve and create anything from PVC that the material allows us. Check out our page About PVC.


Made-to-measure PVC accessories

Whether it be a choker, fashion harness or another accessory from our offer, we are happy to make anything for you to measure. We can modify the designs to meet your expectations and are able to even combine them in all sorts of ways.


Colourful PVC

We currently offer almost 20 shades of soft, durable PVC in various stages of transparency. Have a look at our PVC colour swatch and pick the combination which suits your taste the most, or directly message us and we will readily assist you in choosing the right colour for you.



Recommendations and ratings


Each custom product that comes out of our workshop is an embodiment of a specific customer's trust in our approach and skills. We treasure this trust, we consider it a serious commitment, and we are always delighted when a customer shares their impressions with us. For useful links to reviews from our satisfied customers, go to our recommendations and ratings page.


Although we wish to satisfy as many customers as possible, we reserve the right to refuse certain orders for ethical, aesthetic or legal reasons.




Examples of our work


For more pictures of our work, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Custom black latex points with a long veil and vampire wings under the arms.
Latex cosplay Vampirella. Metallic red skirt and underwear with a large white collar made of thick latex.
Wine latex dress with an intricate organic pattern for Angelina Angelic.
Custom harness and latex hood made of black latex.
Custom harness costume made of white and milky PVC for the whole body for Zoryu Blue.
Pink custom set made of pvc and latex with a large collar and decoration.
Full body harness with corset made of white and orange PVC and black fittings.
Latex set to order with inscriptions, detailed decoration and zippers in a pink-black combination.
Two-color handcuffs made of black and red PVC according to the customer's wishes.






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