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we are on a vacation from 1st to 16th of August. We will deal with all orders created after 31st of July after our return, on Monday 17th of August. We won’t be available on e-mail and on the phone during our holiday.


Bespoke items

Custom latex clothing section header - detail of a large latex bow in wine colour.


You have an idea. We have a workshop. So what are we waiting for?


Bespoke latex? A custom fashion harness? Or maybe just a question? Hololatex is here for you! We've received formal education and training in tailoring and dressmaking, and we boast many years of experience with alternative materials. We will take care of you, from the first pencil stroke to delivering the finished product.

We are an alternative clothing workshop which sees each custom order as a welcome challenge. It doesn't matter whether you want custom latex, a bespoke fashion harness or just a small accessory. You will always receive a precise, hand-crafted product made with special care for details, aesthetics and comfort.

Whether you desire a unique piece of clothing based on your own imagination or one of our products made to measure or crafted in a colour of your selection, all you need to do is contact us using the button below or text us on Messenger in the bottom right corner. We can't wait!






Each custom product that ever came out of our workshop is an embodiment of a customer's trust in our skills and approach. We treasure this trust, we consider it a serious obligation, and we are always delighted when a customer shares their opinion. Please see our collection of kind words we've received.





Although we wish to satisfy as many customers as possible, we reserve the right to refuse certain orders for ethical, aesthetic or legal reasons.





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