Claims and returns

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Before we get to the details, allow us to start with a general statement. Hololatex strives to build and maintain a reputation of a very open and customer-friendly brand that never lets its customers down. Therefore, we try to solve every issue on a personal, individual level.

Communication is key, and that's why we encourage you to contact us directly via email or Messenger with any problems you might have. This will help us to discuss the issue with you in detail and come up with a solution that would be to your best liking.

Please note that you are not obliged to contact us directly if you don't wish to do so. However, direct communication always speeds up the process of solving particular issues. Thank you!





When you order products in our online store, you have the right to return them within 14 days of receiving the package. You can simply send the products back, and we will return your money, no questions asked. You don't have to give any reasons, but we'd be glad to know what went wrong.

Again, although you are not obliged to do so, letting us know about the return will speed everything up. In any case, you will need to fill in this withdrawal form and send it either electronically to our email address or print it and put it in the box along with the returned products.

When returning products, please have them delivered in the original box to the address they were originally sent from. Once we've received the package and examined the returned products, we will refund you to your bank account.



Warranty and later returns


Unless stated otherwise, the products sold in our online store are covered by a two-year warranty, giving you a right to return the goods within this period if you come across any defects. If we consider your claim legitimate, we will offer you a repair, an exchange or a full refund.

If you wish to return a product after the initial 14-day period, please download this complaint report, fill it in, and put it in the box along with the returned product. Please send the package to the address they were originally sent from, or cuntact us for further details.

You can also send the form electronically to Once we receive the package, we will examine your claim, and we will inform you about our decision as soon as possible (max. 30 days). Please note that we cover any shipping costs within the Czech Republic.





Please note that certain exceptions and restrictions may apply due to law and common sense. We will not describe them here – you may find the full list in our Terms and Conditions – but returning used underwear, returning products damaged by the customer and similar situations are good examples.

To end on a cheery note, please be aware that if you've damaged one of our products, it's not the end of the world! Remember what we said about being open and customer-friendly? Visit out Wear and Tear section, and we'll see what could be done about it :)





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