Colour swatch

Close-up of a pink latex bow.


An overview of the complete shades of latex sheeting and PVC, which we can use in the production of latex clothing and accessories. We use solely the highest available quality latex sheeting made in Europe without the additive casein and medically tested PVC, also from Europe. Our materials are vegan, therefore suitable for everyone.

The pictured shades can slightly differ from reality in regard to the quality and calibration of your screen and in relation to the shade tolerance between the individual rolls stated by the manufacturer. If you want to be assured that the given shade corresponds with your expectations, we offer personal consultations in our workshop in Prague, where you can also take a look at the physical colour swatch. With questions regarding shades, don’t hesitate to contact us via Messenger or the contact form.





PVC colour swatch


PVC is a friendlier alternative to leather, which no longer fits in with the modern lifestyle. It’s an easily maintained, soft but durable material, which we use for crafting chokers for your neck and last but not least for example also fashion harnesses. We usually have PVC in stock in all pictured colours. Read more about PVC.



Choker necklace with a ring made from black PVC.Choker necklace with a ring made from transparent PVC.Choker necklace from semi-transparent white PVC decorated with brass rivets.
BlackTransparentSemi-transparent white
Choker necklace with a ring made from white PVC.Choker necklace with a ring made from pink PVC.Choker necklace with a ring made from grey PVC.
Choker necklace with a ring made from dark grey PVC.Choker necklace with a ring made from yellow PVC.Choker necklace with a hanging ring made from orange PVC.
Dark greyYellowOrange
Choker necklace with a ring made from transparent red PVC.Choker necklace with black ring made from semi-transparent red PVC.Choker necklace from transparent green PVC decorated with chains and small metal moon.
Transparent redSemi-transparent redTransparent green
Choker necklace with a ring made from transparent blue PVC.Choker necklace with hanging ring made from blue PVC.Choker necklace from semi-transparent violet decorated with brass rivets.
Transparent blueBlueSemi-transparent violet
Choker necklace with a heart shaped ring made from transparent neon pink PVCTransparent placeholder.Transparent placeholder.
Transparent neon pink  




Latex sheet colour swatch


Latex sheeting is a thin rubber layer, which we craft latex dresses, skirts and other clothing from. The pictured shades correspond with 0.33 mm thick material. Thicker material, for example 0.45 mm, which we use for some latex skirts, can slightly differ from the pictured colours. If you want to be sure when choosing a shade, feel free to contact us. Read more about latex.



A white latex garter belt with reinforced edges and four garter straps for fastening stockings.Champignon colour.Grey colour.
Metallic silver colour.Transparent grey colour.Metallic steel grey colour.
Metallic silverTransparent greyMetallic steel grey
Metallic grey green colour.Metallic pewter colour.Transparent dark grey colour.
Metallic grey greenMetallic pewterTransparent dark grey
Metallic black colour.Black high-waisted latex panties in an anatomical cut.Bílá plocha - prázdný obrázek.
Metallic blackBlack 



Transparent Neon red colour.Scarlet red colour.Trasparent red colour.
Transparent Neon redScarlet redTrasparent red
Hospital red colour.A two-colour circle skirt from black and red latex - view of the front.Metallic red colour.
Hospital redRedMetallic red
A close-up of the decorative bow on a wine coloured latex dress.Bílá plocha - prázdný obrázek.Bílá plocha - prázdný obrázek.
Wine red  



Baby pink latex panties.Transparent pink.Metallic wild rose colour.
Baby pinkTransparent pinkWild rose metallic
Latex bodysuit with shoulder straps in pink colour.A close-up of the decorative bow on a party pink coloured latex dress.Metallic bubblegum colour.
PinkParty pinkMetallic bubblegum
Neon pink colour.Transparent Magenta colour.Bílá plocha - prázdný obrázek.
Neon pinkTransparent Magenta 



Baby blue colour.Sky blue latex bow.Corn flower blue colour.
Baby blueSky blueCorn flower blue
A blue latex dress with stripes, big frill and a tie.Metallic royal blue colourTransparent aegean blue colour.
Royal blueMetallic royal blueTransparent aegean blue
Metallic aegean blue colour.Petrol blue colour.Navy blue colour.
Metallic aegean bluePetrol blueNavy blue



Metallic lilac colour.Transparent lilac colour.A black latex skirt with a violet organic design.
Metallic lilacTransparent lilacTransparent violet
A latex circle skirt in violet colour with the motif of Jack-o’-lanterns.Metallic violet colour.Eggplant colour.
VioletMetallic violetEggplant



High-waisted latex panties with suspenders in jade colour.Transparent jade colour.Emerald colour.
JadeTransparent jadeEmerald
Close-up of short, fingerless latex gloves with a white contrast stripe and faux buttons.Transparent green colours.Metallic army green colour.
TurquoiseTransparent greenMetallic army green
Khaki colour.Transparent khaki colour.Olive colour.
KhakiTransparent khakiOlive
Transparent pea green colour.Lime colour.Bílá plocha - prázdný obrázek.
Transparent pea greenLime 



Transparent yellow colour.A yellow latex skirt with a comic eye design.Transparent metallic gold colour.
Transparent yellowYellowTransparent metallic gold
Metallic brass colour.Transparent neon yellow colour.Neon yellow colour.
Metallic brassTransparent neon yellowNeon yellow



Transparent colour.Transparent Beige colour.Beige colour.
TransparentTransparent BeigeBeige
Cappucino colour.Chocolate colour.Bílá plocha - prázdný obrázek.



Transparent amber colour.Transparent orange colour.Orange colour.
Transparent amberTransparent orangeOrange
Metallic bronze colour.Transparent neon orange colour.Bílá plocha - prázdný obrázek.
Metallic bronzeTransparent neon orange 





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