Dear customers,


we are on a vacation from 1st to 16th of August. We will deal with all orders created after 31st of July after our return, on Monday 17th of August. We won’t be available on e-mail and on the phone during our holiday.


Recommendations and ratings

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Each order, be it a custom item or product from our general offer, embodies each particular customer’s trust into our approach and abilities. We value this trust immensely and see it as a serious commitment, and are always happy to hear back from a customer about their impressions.

Leave us a few words on how satisfied you are with the latex and accessories from our workshop. It means a lot to us and we appreciate any suggestions. This way, you can also share with us what you think we could change. If you like, add a photo to your review to show yourself off wearing our products.

We will appreciate your feedback in private as well. If you prefer telling us something in person rather than publicly, send us a message or get in touch on Messenger.






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