Decorate yourself with a fashion harness

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08. 12. 2019

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Just a few weeks remain until Christmas and you’re still wondering what would be the best gift for your loved ones? Present them with a cool fashion harness!

Fashion harnesses are a popular accessory constructed from straps, which is worn on the body, generally on the torso. Their versatility enables you to combine them with almost any type of clothes and thereby create truly unique outfits, which will certainly make you an eye-catcher at every party. They are suitable for various alternative events and with a little bit of courage, you can wear them on a casual day as well to show off your style with pride.



Black fashion harness made of black PVC and metal elements.

Fashion harness „Vestige“

PVC fashion harness with massive buckles at the waist.

Fashion harness „Utility“

Fashion harness reminiscent of bra, emphasizing female shapes.

Fashion harness „Femmeframe“



Our harnesses are handcrafted from quality vegan materials, therefore are suitable for anyone. As the main component, we use soft PVC, which, thanks to its durability and adaptable properties, is very comfortable to wear and at the same time serves as a friendlier alternative to leather.

In our regular offer, you’ll find a number of designs available in many different colours, and based on your wishes, we will of course also be happy to go out of our way to make you an accessory exactly to your liking. You can even pick it up directly at our workshop in Prague, so you won’t have to stress yourself with your order arriving in time for Christmas.

Do you love fashion harnesses, but don’t think a present such as this would be met with the same amount of enthusiasm from your loved ones? Then don’t hesitate and treat yourself, it’s what you deserve!






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