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Goods which are available in stock are shipped no later than the following working day after an order is placed. Goods with a longer delivery time are shipped as soon as possible, usually before the last day of the period. We start working on bespoke garments and accessories as soon as an order is placed.

You may select several methods of delivery. Our parcels are shipped using the services of the DPD carrier company, the Zá parcel distribution network, or Česká pošta (Czech Post). Please note that when ordering our goods to be delivered outside the Czech Republic and Slovakia, you may only select the DPD option. Packing costs are included.


Latex garments and accessories are shipped in cardboard boxes (made of recycled paper) which can be later used for storage, unless stated otherwise. Goods are shipped in discreet parcels of appropriate size and are secured against damage during transportation.





DPD offers a modern service with a global presence. When we pass the parcel over to DPD, you will receive a confirmatory email with a number which you can use to track the parcel online. DPD couriers will deliver the parcel to an address of your choice, usually on the second working day after the parcel is dispatched.


In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, DPD delivers parcels weighing up to 50kg. This limit is lowered to 31kg when shipping to the rest of the world. Should your order exceed this limit – which is quite unlikely – we will split it into two or more separate parcels.


If you wish to pay upon delivery, DPD accepts both cash and cards. Please note that when paying in cash, DPD will charge an extra fee of 1% of the total sum.






A popular method of personal pick-up. Your parcel will be delivered to a selected outlet of the Zá network for you to collect. There are almost 1 000 of these in the Czech Republic.


You may use the company website to find the nearest outlet and track your parcel. Zá will inform you with an email or text message when your parcel arrives to its destination.


If you wish to pay upon delivery, Zá accepts only cash. Once again, please note that this service is available only in the Czech Republic.




Česká pošta


A traditional delivery method which is still popular among many consumers, offering well-known services and delivering parcels to your home or the nearest post office, albeit with longer delivery times.


Please note that when your parcel ends up at the local post office, you must pick it up within the next three working days, otherwise it will be returned to us.


If you wish to pay upon delivery, the available methods (cash or card) may vary depending on the equipment of the particular post office. Once again, please note that this service is available only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.






Our online store offers several methods of payment: payment upon delivery, online card payment, wire transfer, and PayPal. We shall describe each method in detail in order to show their advantages and disadvantages and help you select one that is most comfortable.




Payment upon delivery


A traditional and well-known payment method. Under this option, you to pay for your order after it is delivered to your home, local post office or selected outlet. It is supported by each of the available shipping companies (DPD, Zá and Česká pošta).


Please note, however, that two restrictions apply. At this moment, you may select this option only when having your goods delivered within the Czech Republic. Also, you may select it only if the total value of your order does not exceed CZK XXXX.




Online card payment


The fastest and arguably most comfortable method available. If you select this option, you will be directed to a simple, user-friendly interface where you will be asked to type in the required information (card number, expiration date, CVV/CVC code) and confirm the payment.


The transaction is performed and confirmed almost instantly. Our online store uses a secure GoPay gate which supports Visa, MasterCard and Maestro cards. We also use the state-of-the-art Comodo encryption which ensures the integrity of your data is maintained.




Wire transfer


This method is perfect for customers who prefer their bank's interface. If you select this method, you will be asked to log into your bank's online service and enter the following information. We shall also send it to you via email along with the confirmation of your order.


Account number: 2701266302/2010

Variable symbol or equivalent identifier: the number of your order

IBAN: CZ2020100000002701266302 (required only with cross-border payments)

BIC/SWIFT: FIOBCZPPXXX (required only with cross-border payments)


You must perform the transaction within XX days after placing your order. The slight disadvantage of this method is that the transfer may take up to several days which will prolong delivery times. Please note that your bank may charge additional fees.






A fast and modern payment method. If you select PayPal, you will be directed to a simple, user-friendly interface and asked to perform a two-step procedure of logging into your PayPal account and confirming the payment.


The only disadvantage of this option is that you must possess a PayPal account.






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