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08 / 29 / 2019

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Dear fans of latex,


As you’ve probably noticed, Prague Fetish Weekend, a four-day festival for people who love extraordinary entertainment and extravagant lifestyle, is approaching. Festival starts 10 / 17 / 2019, as every year, with a lecture evening, continues with Fetish Market, fetish night and ends 10 / 20 / 2019 with the traditional Afterparty. Come, see and buy in person latex clothes and PVC accessories from our workshop at our booth, which of course will not be missing on the Fetish market. However, if you just want to chat or have a drink with us, find us on fetish night where will be time for that :) We are always happy to know new people :)

If you haven’t bought your dresscode outfit yet, don’t hesitate to order it from us! We probably won’t manage to create any custom-made items, but we have a permanent offer wide enough for everyone to choose. We wrote about what dresscode is and why it is important in this article. On the booth we’ll have more likely things of a smaller nature, such as choker necklaces and underwear, but we’ll definitely also have some latex skirts and dresses.

We also participated in the making of a PFW poster, on which is our beautiful model wearing latex set “Candytwist” - a perfect sweet choice if you have no idea what to wear within dresscode. We completely understand that outfits like these aren’t suitable for everyone, so we also offer a lot of more formal clothes which you can wear at a regular party, brave ones then even for a daily walk through the town :)


Latexové šaty 'Nautilus' na plakátě pro Prague Fetish Weekednu 2018

PFW 2018

Latexový komplet 'Candytwist' na plakátě pro Prague Fetish Weekend 2019

PFW 2019

Flyer pro Prague Fetish Weekend 2020 by Hololatex

PFW 2020



If you’d like to pick up your order directly on the Fetísh Market, just contact us and say that you’ll come, so we can count on it. However, even if you haven’t purchased anything from us yet, we recommend that you come to see us on the Market, since we have a great surprise for you planned.


Looking forward to see you,

your Hololatex.






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