Golden Age is coming

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13. 09. 2020

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Dear fans of latex fashion,


the Golden Age is coming. In our e-shop you will now find PVC chokers and fashion harnesses with stylish fittings in golden color. Gold is the color of luxury, elegance, but also extravagance. If you want to diversify your wardrobe and brighten up your outfit, this unique color combination is the right one for you.

Neck chokers with gold fittings will make you an unmissable star of the evening, whether you just want to feel pompous looking in the mirror or long for being unmistakable at a public event. And if this accessory is not enough for you, you will also find stylish fashion harnesses, which will enrich every outfit, not just the latex one.




PVC neck choker in transparent green color decorated with rivets in gold color.

Choker "Mr. Goldrose"

PVC harnesses in semi-transparent red color with gold metal elements.

Fashion harnesses

PVC choker necklace in a neat purple color with a large gold ring in front.

Choker "Mr. Goldberg"


Latex care


Gold fittings stand out best in combination with black latex. However, we will be happy to prepare any color combination for you according to your wishes, just look at our colour swatches for latex and PVC. All our products are suitable for vegans.

When buying accessories with gold fittings, pay extra attention when handling latex in lighter shades. If latex clothing comes into contact with metal, unremovable stains can appear on it. The gold fittings contain brass. We recommend using it only with latex clothing in black color - for example, latex dress "Ligero" would go with fashion harness really well. However, if the metal elements do not touch the latex, you can combine them with the latex as you wish. You can find more on our latex care page. If you have any questions, please contact us directly here on the website, you can also write to us via Messenger or Instagram.

Until next time,
Hugo and Kameko





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