Hallow From the Other Side



10 / 04 / 2018

Estimated reading time: 1 min


The end of October, the end of the day,
a curious figure has come out to play,
Shrouded in latex, covering all,
it flew right over the old graveyard wall.


It heads for the township, it lets out a whine,
it must have great polish, just look at that shine,
bored beyond death by its smelly damp tomb,
an ouija board planchette shines bright on its womb.


Approaching the house by the edge of the town,
the wight halts so suddenly and loses its frown,
a pumpkin so merry, with a candle it’s lit,
matching so closely those on the wight’s skirt.


The wight is so courteous, it knocks on the door,
it may be the first visitor, but there will be more,
full hosts of ghosts will be joining the feast,
scaring the townspeople, to say the least…










Dear friends, it’s never too soon to wish you a very happy Halloween!

Your Hololatex




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