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25. 11. 2019

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There’s one month until Christmas and you’re still racking your brains about what to give to your loved ones under the Christmas tree? Present them with a Lucky Pack or gift voucher!

Gift voucher Hololatex make for a popular solution, if your loved one wants more things from our online store and you don’t know which one to get first. We offer vouchers in values from 500 to 5000CZK, however we will also be happy to make you one with any specific value you want. All you need to do is let us know. They come in a luxuriously lacquered, printed form, which is almost asking to be gifted, and you can either come pick yours up in person in Prague or we will send it to you within the Czech Republic without any postage fees. This way, your loved one can choose exactly what they want and you’ll have the certainty of them loving it.



Hololatex gift voucher in the hands of Latexelf - the mascot of our Christmas.

Hololatex gift voucher

Hololatex lucky pack in the hands of Latexelf - the mascot of our Christmas.

Hololatex lucky pack



Do you feel a voucher is perhaps too impersonal? No worries, grab a Lucky Pack. It’s a mystery box filled with randomly chosen PVC products from our workshop, with content that won’t be revealed to you until you open it. Give one to yourself, your friends, or share it under the Christmas tree with your loved ones. Just pick a colour scheme and leave the rest to us, we’ll make sure everyone’s in for a surprise.

Treat those closest to you with truly original Christmas presents directly from our workshop!






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