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22. 04. 2020

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Dear latex fashion enthusiasts,


same as many small businesses, our workshop is also dealing with a huge decrease in interest in our products, and therefore we will be very grateful for every single order during these difficult times. We acknowledge that latex clothing and fashion accessories are not the current priority of many of you and that products from our workshop are primarily meant to bring joy. However we think that bringing yourself and others joy in any way you can is especially important right now. Pass some time in quarantine by having a look at our offer and treat yourself with something nice to wear.

Our workshop doesn’t sleep even during quarantine - on the contrary, we continue to work hard and are using our free time for the expansion of our online store. We are preparing a whole series of new products for you - latex apparel as well as PVC accessories, which we will try to offer you on our website as soon as the coronavirus crisis is over, and there is really a lot to look forward to.


High waisted pants with suspenders

High waisted pants with suspenders

Production of chokers in our workshop

Production of chokers in our workshop

PVC handbags in the shape of coffins

We are preparing a section with cases and handbags



We take the current situation very seriously and are doing everything we can to enable you the maximum comfort you are used to from us. During production we put huge emphasis on our and your safety. Heightened hygiene in our workshop is a sure thing and simultaneously, we are avoiding all unnecessary contact with our environment. You can read about all our precautions regarding the Covid-19 infection, which we’ve implemented, in our new section on the website, where you will find all the necessary information.




We have renewed the delivery service worldwide and delivery within the Czech republic and Slovakia as well as a few more countries remains free and for very agreeable fees within the rest of Europe.

In relation to the pandemic, we are taking the most responsible approach possible, therefore until further notice, we currently do not offer personal consultations or measuring in our workshop as per usual. We are however ready to consult with you anything online or via phone including how to correctly measure yourself. This precaution will be lifted for safety reasons only after some time after the quarantine is over. Right now is the ideal time to get in touch with us and start realising the latex outfit of your dreams, a neck choker based on your wishes or another fashion accessory.

We believe that it won’t be long until you can freely and safely go out with your new accessories as before.


Read you soon,

Hugo and Kameko





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