Hololatex and second wave of coronavirus

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3. 11. 2020

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Dear fans of latex fashion,

you have certainly noticed that the situation regarding Covid-19 in the Czech Republic is not ideal and government measures are getting more strict almost every day.

Of course, these measures are unpleasant and restrictive for many of us, but we believe that only by following them carefully will everything return to normal soon. We have kept our social contacts to a minimum and we carefully maintain increased hygiene in the workshop so that we do not endanger ourselves or you. If you're interested in what we're doing specifically in this situation, read our Safe Purchase page.




The first wave of the coronavirus pandemic brought a lot of solidarity, people sewed masks, helped their senior citizens and said how we could do it together. We want this atmosphere to return and people to stop blaming each other and spreading lies, half-hearted information and other stress that none of us need. Let's help ourselves now and we can really do it together. In addition, it is autumn, which classically evokes gloomy thoughts and sad moods in many of us. Please think about your physical as well as mental health.

We would also like to thank all the front-line workers who save lives and keep the state running. At the same time, we want to wish everyone a lot of strength in the coming months. So whether you have to go to work, have a home office, or take care of your children who don't go to school right now, hold on.

Hugo and Kameko





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