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21. 10. 2020

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Three years. Yes, we have been sharing our passion and happiness in designing and manufacturing latex clothing and PVC accessories with you for three beautiful years. Do you remember how it all started? It will come to us as yesterday, when we first showed up at the Prague Fetish Weekend in 2017. Even now, our knees are shaking with enthusiasm and nervousness, and we are holding our breath as to whether the planned fashion show will work out for us. We worked on the PWF show for over half a year, it cost us a lot of effort and we had to rehearse, adjust and change, all for only five minutes. However, it was a great 5 minutes and we thank everyone who trusted us from the beginning and went to support us at the show. If you missed our first demonstration to the world, have a look at our very first blog article.

And what happened next? We started to enlarge, expand the range, design bolder and more luxurious models. We discovered new beautiful vibrant colors, shapes and fittings… At the same time you could see us at events such as Animefest, Sejf Student Art Festival and other annuals Prague Fetish Weekend, for which we provided outfits and models for the official poster for three years in a row. Unfortunately, the event was canceled this year, but we are already looking forward to next year.



Cheerleader latex uniform during the performance of the Hololatex brand in 2017.

Detail of the Hololatex logo on a latex outfit from our workshop.

Bowtie latex dress during the performance of the Hololatex brand in 2017.



Enjoy 10% discount


In short and well in those 3 years, we have experienced a lot with you. You have created wonderful memories for us and we have in turn gave you unmissable pieces of the wardrobe. Of course, we have always believed in our project and passion and hoped that Hololatex could become a recognized clothing company, but it would not be possible without you. Thanks to your support, the project of two friends united by a passion for latex has become a full-fledged part of our lives, which we now share with our new temporary workers.

What are our plans for the future? There is always a lot of them, we definitely do not want to relax, so you can look forward to new modern pieces and if you do not want to wait for what we come up with, just order bespoke latex. Our biggest dream and big plan is to have a completely separate workshop, which will not occupy most of our apartment. But that will take a while.

And because we appreciate your support and beautiful words, we have a hololatex birthday present for you. Until Sunday midnight on October 25th, you can buy all our products with a 10% discount. Just enter the code "hololatexnarozeniny" in the first step of the order. The discount applies to the entire range, including gift vouchers, and applies to the entire purchase.




Custom harness costume made of white and milky PVC for the whole body for Zoryu Blue.

Burgundy latex dress to order with an intricate organic pattern for Angelina Angelic.

Custom black latex points with a long veil and vampire wings under the arms.



Premiere sale of samples


Our sample sale had its premiere. Many thanks to everyone who stopped by on Sunday, October 4th, in the Geekárna bar. We can enthusiastically say that our first sale of samples was really successful. The first of you even stepped impatiently in front of the entrance before we started the whole event. There were so many of you gathered around noon that we didn't even want to believe it.

We had dozens of pieces ready for you, each visitor came to their own, whether it was clothing harnesses, neck chokers or latex clothes. If you missed our sale or you didn't find the right item, you can still order brand new models from our e-shop, or write to us about latex to order.




Because the nationwide situation around Covid-19 canceled the two biggest events, the summer Animefest and the autumn Prague Fetish Weekend, where we could meet you live, this sale was our only chance to make up for it.

We greeted and discussed with many of you, but above all you gave us the energy and inspiration that we will now use in creating new and improving existing models.


Thank you



Thank you all once again for your favor and interest in latex clothing, whether you are our fans on social networks or our models, friends, muses and regular customers. If you already have one of our pieces and it makes you happy, we will be pleased if you send us your satisfied photos to the e-mail store@hololatex.com or write a review. We will be happy to publish them. And most importantly, don't forget that until Sunday midnight you have the opportunity to buy everything with a 10% discount with the code "hololatexnarozeniny".


Hugo a Kameko




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