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09 / 04 / 2019

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Dear fans of latex,

Lucky Packs - packages, whose content remains a secret until expanded, are coming to our offer! The value of the products in the Lucky Pack will always be at least a third higher than the price you would pay for the items if you bought them separately. This makes the Lucky Pack a perfect product for more friends who have decided to make themselves happy. You can buy the box with a high value together, share the expenses, and in the end every one of you will get something extra.

The basic principle of a Lucky Pack is very simple and basically no different from the classic Kinder egg. You just have to count on the fact that in our case you’ll get less chocolate and more PVC accessories. What's more, compared to a Kinder egg, thanks to the option of choosing color scheme you’ll have at least partial control over the items you’ll find inside.

Lucky Packs will be available in several thematic variants, and you can also expect some seasonal specialties in the future:) When ordering, you’ll always be able to choose the size and color scheme that best suits your taste. After that, we’ll compile a unique mix non-leather fashion harnesses, chokers and other surprises just for you. Some packages may contain a larger number of smaller products, others just one large item.

You don't have to worry about owning the same product twice. If you already bought something from our workshop, tell us in the note when completing the order and we’ll take it into account. You can also let us know in advance if the package is a gift just for you, or you plan to share it with your friends :)



Small hololatex lucky pack

Small Hololatex lucky pack

Medium Hololatex lucky pack

Medium Hololatex lucky pack

Big Hololatex lucky pack

Big Hololatex lucky pack



Perhaps you’re now thinking of buying a pig in a poke. Well, if you like the stuff we do, you can be sure our pig won’t disappoint you. The poke will always contain only accessories, which will also be designed to match each other. The offer will include Lucky Packs worth CZK 1,000, CZK 2,000 and CZK 5,000 with a bonus of tense expectations and refreshing uncertainty, further enhanced by the fact that we’ll add products that we don’t sell in our regular offer to some packages!


Read you soon!






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