Hololatex Rides North

Hololatex Rides North


09 / 07 / 2017

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Dear friends of the charming northern landscape,

we are glad to announce that Hololatex will be part of the very first edition of the SEJF festival which is taking place in the city of Teplice on September 28th and 29th. We’ll be showcasing some of our latex designs during the first day, and besides that, you’ll find us at our stall where we’ll be selling a piece of two from our workshop :)

SEJF is a student festival focused on art and design. One of its goals is “to save the region of Northern Bohemia from cultural dullness”. Well, our offer includes certain items that are anything but dull, and Kameko is still a proud student, which sort of balances the fact that you couldn’t mistake Hugo for a student even in thick fog.

We’re looking forward to a weekend well-spent, and we sure hope to meet you there! Come take a look at our presentation, check out our new stuff at the stall, and don’t be shy to just drop by for a chat. We don’t bite (all right, Kameko does, but only ever so rarely), and we love to talk about our work just as much as we love doing it.

See you in Teplice!

Your still very young-spirited Hololatex



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