Hololatex sample sale

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29. 09. 2020

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Dear fans of latex fashion,


We invite you all to a big sale of samples from our workshop. You will find us on Sunday, October 4th 2020 in Café Bar Geekárna from 10 am to 3 pm.




Hololatex sale


What exactly can you imagine under the samples? They are prototypes, the first pieces, but also clothes worn by models during the product photoshoot or at the fashion show, they can be pieces made in non-standard sizes, but also slightly damaged latex clothes, or glued with some minor defect. If chokers are what you desire, then your eyes will sparkle with enthusiasm, because we will really have enough of them, and of course you can't miss our fashion harnesses.

You will leave the sale with a unique piece for a great price, and with a good feeling that you helped nature by giving the "old" piece of clothing a new purpose. Only cash payment will be possible on site.

On our Instagram you can find a sneak peek of what you can find on the sale.


It will not be possible to use the bar services during the sale. Please keep your spacing and wear masks to cover your mouth and nose.



Latex dress and other goods around.

Detail of latex products, pizza skirt and cheerleader uniform.

Harnesses and chokers, demonstration of goods for sale.


Chokers on sale


We decided to organize a sale of samples, because unfortunately two events, where you can see us in person, were canceled this year due to the global situation - the summer Animefest and now the autumn Prague Fetish Weekend. We do not want you to lose the experience of choosing products from our workshop live, we are very pleased when we can meet you in person at the stand, talk with you, but also draw energy and inspiration from your enthusiasm and words.

Whether you are an impulsive buyer and buy the first choker on the counter, or you will be going through every single piece for half an hour like enchanted, we are very much looking forward to seeing you! In addition, the sale of samples is also suitable for those of you who have no experience with latex yet and want to try some latex. We will be happy to see you, even if you just come to look at our goods or be inspired.

And if you are thinking about buying brand new latex clothes or PVC accessories in common sizes, take a look at the offer on our e-shop, where you can conveniently order them.

Café Bar Geekárna can be found at 259 Starokošířská Street in Smíchov. When shopping in the café bar, we kindly ask all customers to follow government regulations, such as keeping distance and wearing masks, to cover their mouths and noses. If there will be more people at once, we will let you in gradually in smaller groups. Let's be considerate of each other.


It will not be possible to use the bar services during the sale. Please keep your spacing and wear masks to cover your mouth and nose.





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