Hololatex will be at Advík 2021

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22. 07. 2021

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Dear latex fashion enthusiasts,

Stop by at our stand at Advík 2021, which will take place between 30.7 - 1.8.2021 in Prague. And what is it that you can look forward to? A huge amount of accessories from our workshop. Chokers, harnesses, headbands and much more. All that is crafted for you by us in the Czech Republic from quality materials for the fourth consecutive year already, and we’ll have all that with us in many colours and sizes. We promise that there will truly be lots to choose from.




The year 2020 has been, as you all surely know, very difficult. All events, which we had wanted to be a part of, had to be cancelled due to the epidemic and so we didn’t get to go anywhere with our stand. Being a small Czech business, we have really felt the negative impact of these cancelled events. Now, however, things seem to be calming down and it looks like Advík 2021 will be our first event after the pandemic.



New accessories


Black headband with spikes.

Black headband with cat ears.

Black headband with huge spikes.




What can you look forward to?


Beside the mentioned offer, there will also be many surprises available. Directly at the stand, you can get a choker with letters made to your wishes. We have also prepared Lucky Packs for you, which we will only have a limited amount of, so definitely don’t hesitate to stop by! We will be at the event for its whole duration and are already very excited to see you all.


Neck choker with huge spikes.

Neck choker connected by metal heart.

Wide choker with spikes and ring.




A fashion harness with suspenders made from PVC with fittings.

A belted fashion harness from PVC in black colour for the whole torso.

A belted harness from black PVC hugging the torso.




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