How was Prague Fetish Weekend 2019?

Blog header - Hololatex booth at Prague Fetish Weekend 2019 from a distance.


31. 10. 2019

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Dear latex fashion enthusiasts,


this year's Prague Fetish Weekend is over and we are regenerating after a rigorous preparation period for Fetish Market, which took place on 18.10 at club Fuchs2.

If you've visited our stand, this year you had the unique opportunity to get a choker necklace with a custom sign made by us directly at the venue, as well as see our showcased PVC accessories and latex apparel in person. We would like to thank everyone who stopped by and treated themselves to a product from our workshop. If you didn't manage to come see us at Fetish Market, you can easily order a choker with a custom sign here :)


Booth operator behind the counter in latex dress.

Hololatex booth from a distance.

Detail of choker necklace stand and exposed latex set.


We had started preparing for this event months in advance and on the day of the Market we arrived early in the morning and were intensively putting together our stand and arranging products up until the very beginning of the event - which you were able to follow on our Instagram.

We only visited Fetish NIght recreationally, and even though we were exhausted after the Market, we enjoyed it thoroughly. We’re already looking forward to next year for which we, for the third time now, have created the visual, this time in turquoise, where you can also see our Latex set “Ansalong”, a completely new product from our workshop.


Latex dress 'Nautilus' on flyer for Prague Fetish Weekend 2018.

PFW 2018

Latex set 'Candytwist' on flyer for Prague Fetish Weekend 2019.

PFW 2019

Latex set 'Ansalong' on flyer for Prague Fetish Weekend 2020.

PFW 2020


Now that it’s after PFW, we’re intensively working on getting back to all of you - thank you for your support and indulgence. At the moment, we’re also starting to prepare for Christmas and trust us, you really have something to look forward to! :)






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