Latex caught in stereotypes

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31. 08. 2020

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Dear fans of latex fashion,


latex as a clothing material carries with itself a lot of ingrained stereotypes. One of our goals is to break it out of these stereotypes and once and for all take away from it a sticker of material that is associated only with fetishists and thus belongs at most to a torture chamber or perhaps an adult film. This has not been the case for a long time.


Latex high fashion


We see in it a modern and extravagant material for confident individuals who like to wear something more unconventional. Latex clothing, thanks to its gloss and color saturation, will help you draw attention to any party, and with a little courage and the right choice of accessories, you can easily take it even where no one would expect it.

In recent years, latex clothes have become more and more popular at fashion shows in collections from world-famous brands and designers, and you will see latex outfits in the wardrobes of many celebrities. Just look at the photos from the red carpet, we bet you will find more than one latex piece at every event.




Latex dress with a white front inspired by the fashion of the thirties.

Latex dress "Antebellum"

Angelina Angelics in latex dress made of wine latex.

Angelina Angelics in latex dress

Pink latex set with bows and stripes.

Latex set "Candytwist"



Bespoke items


However, latex clothing is suitable not only for high fashion and catwalks, but also for everyday situations. We will prepare an unmissable latex dresses for a party, concert or celebration, a very elegant latex pencil skirt for a company party or business meeting, and pleasant latex underwear for relaxing at home. Latex clothing combines perfectly with other pieces of conventional materials. Did you fall in love with latex so much that you even want to fall asleep in it? We will be happy to make bespoke latex. A nightgown or pajamas will be no problem.

We can make almost anything from latex - from luxurious evening gowns, rough jackets, unique cosplay costumes, through minimalist bodies, corsets and accessories, to things that are more suitable for intimate moments. All you have to do is contact us via Messenger, Instagram or directly in the category bespoke items here on the web.




About latex


We can produce all these different forms of clothing and accessories thanks to the great properties of latex. It is very pleasant to the touch, soft, flexible and easy to shape. If you are looking for an eco and vegan friendly alternative for your wardrobe, be sure to check out our products.

We know that it is not a material for everyone and that it is not suitable for daily wear, but nylons, miniskirts or denim pants have also come to people in the past as something sinful and scandalous, and now everyone has them in their wardrobe. Change this stereotype with us and proudly take your latex piece out of the closet. It would be a shame to have him just as a secret at home. The best addition to latex is a happy smile and a healthy dose of self-confidence.

Our customers have already dazzled with our work at graduation balls, company parties and concerts. Where do you wear latex?

Read you soon,
Hugo and Kameko





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