Latex cosplay

Latex maid dress in various colors, inspired by anime characters


08 / 20 / 2019



Have you visited or watched any foreign event and thought you could get inspired and have a latex cosplay made by us? Whether you’re a fan of latex as a material, or you just want to perfectly imitate a character wearing really shiny clothes, we think you’ll be satisfied. With its typical appearance will the latex work as a material for often unnaturally shiny apparels of animated or game characters, which you’ll probably not be able to make from ordinary fabrics, even if you try really hard.

Cosplays made of this material are quite common in the world, but in Czech Republic it’s still fresh air, which is slowly but surely blowing to us. So if you’re playing with a vision of Hatsune Miku, Cinderella or Harry Potter in a modern concept, you can be as well sure that we will welcome you with open arms and we will create a latex cosplay exactly to your liking.

Our main specialization are, for sure, latex clothes, but we’re open to trying new things, so if you have a vision about for example a latex accessory, don’t be afraid to contact us, we’ll try to find a way. If you’re interested in the production of latex cosplay or you want to ask us anything about our work, write us an e-mail or a message on Messenger, where you can consult your ideas as well.



Hololatex team at latex cosplay photoshoot

Latex cosplay inspired by Earth-chan character

Latex maid dress inspired by anime characters





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