Latex under the Christmas tree

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02. 12. 2020

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Dear fans of latex fashion,

latex clothes and PVC accessories under the tree will put on more than one smile. Our products are also suitable for complete beginners, because we supply them with full service. Latex is a chic modern material that you can use with just a little courage in everyday life, work and social life. You can spend the day on the couch with it, but also make a show at social events or excite your partner.



Why latex?


We produce latex clothing in many shapes and color variants, it is up to you which version will enchant you or your loved ones the most. Loose or tight cuts ensure that you highlight or reinforce exactly what you want.

All our clothes and accessories are also suitable for vegans, we do everything to make our handmade production as ecological as possible.

In addition to each order from us, you will receive a basic latex care package as a gift. You can buy powder and polish from us at any time. The latex care itself is explained in detail on our website and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you are wondering exactly what the recipient would like, you can buy a Hololatex gift voucher from us, or reach for the Lucky Pack, which contains a random mix of PVC accessories at reasonable prices.




Black latex waisted panties.

High waisted latex panties

White latex g-strings with red contrast trim and red cross.

Latex g-string "Hello Nurse"

Latex waisted panties with dots and ruffles.

High waisted latex panties "Melody"



Spice up your wardrobe

Estimated reading time: 3 min


You can buy latex not only for someone else, make yourself happy and spice up your Christmas Eve. We offer a wide range of underwear from tender "Melody" panties, through very elegant high waisted latex panties to provocative latex panties g-string "Hello Nurse". You can also diversify your intimate moment with other products from our workshop.

If you love extravagance and adore, when people turn to you on the street and whisper admiringly, embark on bolder creations. See our entire portfolio, which includes not only latex clothing in our e-shop.

We wish you a lot of joy around the Christmas tree,

Hugo and Kameko





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