Make it bespoke!



01 / 28 / 2019

Estimated reading time: 2 min


Many of the questions we receive are related to the price of bespoke items. Customers are generally concerned that bespoke clothes and accessories are too costly, but this is simply not true. Although we cannot provide a precise list, the prices of bespoke items are only slightly higher than those of our off-the-rack items. Do not fear the bespoke!

Also, please do not fear to ask! It doesn’t matter whether you wish us to make you a latex dress to measure, a fashion harness of your own design, or just a small accessory. Text us via Messenger in the bottom right corner, and we’ll quickly calculate an approximate price for you.

We will be very happy to help you design a latex garment according to your wishes, and we’ll make it for you using any colours from our swatch. Moreover, you don’t need to have anything particular in mind, since we’ll gladly give you advice about what would suit you best.






Latex dress "Bowtie" with matching lingerie in color from our swatch


Fashion harness according to customer's request; extended harness "Vestige"


Black latex dress with large buckle according to the design and the customer's wish






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