Niceboy kicks off spring

Close-up of a big bow from pink latex.


29. 03. 2021

Estimated reading time: 2 min


Dear fans of latex fashion,

we present to you headphones dressed in latex and before you ask, no, we have not gone insane. As part of the preparations for spring, we have been asked by the guys from Niceboy to dress their new headphones HIVE Podsie 2021 in latex for their project Spring Art. Along with us, 4 other artists took part in this, whose creations you can find on the Instagram.

This occasion in collaboration with Pink Bubble will soon lead to the auction for these pieces, and their proceeds shall go to help children and adolescents with oncological diseases.




Close-up of a miniature latex dress in yellow colour.



To think that one day we will create latex dresses for a doll doesn’t sound like something far from reality, however the fact, that we will be dressing a headphone case, wouldn’t have come to us even in our wildest dreams. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this project. It really does seem that latex clothing keeps gaining popularity with each day.




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