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22. 03. 2020

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Dear latex fashion enthusiasts,


even during the state of crisis, our online store remains open, we look forward to your orders and are working on them with maximum commitment. Yet the current situation is affecting us and with regard to the circumstances tied to the coronavirus pandemic, we are forced to temporarily restrict our delivery options to just via the Czech post. Until the situation improves at least a bit, we are unfortunately unable to provide shipping to other countries, which saddens us very much.

Delivery within the Czech republic remains free and we will re-enable international shipping as soon as the situation around the spreading of the virus wears off.

We ask you for your indulgence regarding your orders. The situation changes from day to day, so it may come to unexpected delays, which we will of course inform you about immediately. Although this should go without saying, we will add that personal pick-up in our workshop is not possible until further notice. If you have any questions about the delivery or processing of your orders, contact us via email, Messenger or also on our phone number +420702023763. We will be happy to assist you.


We realise and understand that many of you have currently completely different concerns than shopping online. Therefore we’ve dusted off our sewing machines and transformed our latex workshop into an interim sewing manufacture, where we create cotton face masks, which there is a catastrophic shortage of in medical fields as well as among you, despite their wear now being almost mandatory.


Sewingmachine with facemasks in background

Box full of facemasks



We beg you to respect the Czech government regulations, go outside only if absolutely necessary and otherwise stay at home. If you do have to go outside, protect yourself and others by wearing a face mask or respirator and taking higher hygienic measures. Don’t be afraid to also ask elderly neighbours if they need anything, they will surely appreciate it, and avoid all unnecessary contact.

And if you don’t know what to do with all this free time, check out our sections with latex clothing or fashion accessories and get yourselves something nice to wear. During the current crisis, where interest in products generally decreases, we will really appreciate it.


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