We are amazed and deeply grateful for your trust in our young brand, and since we refuse to lower our standards, we've decided to temporarily postpone the processing of new orders for latex apparel and fashion harnesses.

You may keep ordering clothes and harnesses, but orders placed 1/9/2018 and later won’t be processed until 29/10/2018.


PF 2018

Hololatex PF 2018


12 / 21 / 2017

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Dear friends of latex. The year is coming to a close and we would like to wish you a merry lateXmas and a very happy new year. May your steps lead you to where you wish, and may your lives be full of joy and fulfilling activities.

Those are the values Hololatex is built upon. We find joy in precise work, and fulfilment in designing new items and turning our plans into reality. Our steps have led us so far, and they will take us further in the upcoming year.

We will spend the next two weeks resting but after that we’ll be back at it. There are new ideas, new products, and new goals ahead of us. This year marks the birth of our brand, the next should bring it growth. We can hardly wait. Thank you for being with us right from the start.

Read you soon!





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