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Production ethics and ecology

Close-up of a big bow from pink latex.


We care about the environment and we’re commited to ensure our products are as environmentally friendly as possible, while being accessible truly for everyone. Therefore, we use natural latex and PVC, materials which don’t contain any animal ingredient to make them. Moreover, from an ecological point of view, we’re not only intrested in what we use to create our accessories and clothes, but also in what we use to deliver it.



Is latex suitable for vegans?


Latex is a biodegradable natural material whose main ingredient comes from a pará rubber tree, so is therefore purely vegetal. However, in the production process there’s usually a milk protein – casein – used, deciding whether the latex is vegan at the end. We buy our latex from a supplier who cares about the environment as much as we do and doesn’t use casein at all, so we are proud to tell that our latex is suitable for vegans or customers who don’t want to wear clothing containing any animal components.



PVC as an alternative to leather


We’ve also been sure from the very beginning that we don’t want to make our accessories out of leather so we can satisfy all of our customers. Instead, we use soft PVC, which is comfortable to wear and has become a modern leather substitute not only for vegans. Although it is plastic, due to its high durability will this alternative to leather last with you almost your entire life, and therefore it’s not one of the disposable items that contaminate our planet. In the future we want to use a material that’s 100% biodegradable, but that’s a demanding process which will take some more time. We’re now proud to tell that we make non-leather clothing accessories made of materials that are suitable for everyone and are in accordance with environmental protection at the same point.



Can i throw away the packaging?


We realize that the material used to create our products is only half of the problem. Everything you purchase from use will therefore be delivered to you in a box made of recycled paper. For hand delivery we have of course prepared eco paper bags. To ensure you’ll get your goods in a great condition, we cannot avoid the usage of envelopes with bubble wrap and silk paper, which, in their present form, do not really fit with the trends of modern life style, but we’re doing our best to fix it even in our conditions. For now we can ensure you that we only use as much packaging material as it is necessary to safely transport our clothing and accessories.




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