Repairs, Exchanges and Complaints

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If you have any problem whatsoever, don’t hesitate to send us a message, contact us via Messenger, or call us on our phone number +420 702 023 763. We’ll be happy to assist you and will do everything in our power to help. A friendly and personable approach are not just empty words for us, it’s the basis of our relationship with each individual customer. After all, we would love for you to keep coming back.



Kameko in a latex dress at the sales counter in our stand.


Burnt, torn or punctured latex? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! All you need to do is contact us, describe your problem and the extent of the damage, ideally attach a few pictures, and we’ll think of something. We’ll do everything we can to make your latex clothing as good as new. Please note we only repair latex products purchased from our store.


Exchanges and returns

Picked the wrong size or colour? No problem! Write us a message and we’ll give you all the needed information on where and how to send us the package back. Delivery of the exchange is free of charge at Zásilkovna pick-up points. Anything you buy can also be sent back and refunded within the first 14 days. Please note that this doesn’t apply to bespoke or *used items.



Unless stated otherwise, our products are covered by a two-year warranty allowing you to return the product in case you come across any defects. If we accept the return, we’ll offer you a repair, exchange for a flawless item, or a full refund, plus a little something as an apology.

For further information about the formal aspects of returns, refunds or exchanges, please read our Terns and conditions.




*We deliver latex apparel treated with powder for latex which preserves the material and makes dressing easier. If you try the clothing on right from the box and you find out it doesn’t fit, there is no problem returning or exchanging it. However, if you apply any solution on the garment (e.g. latex polish), it will be considered used, and we won’t be able to accept it back.






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