Řezník dresses his girls in Hololatex. Be like Řezník.

Blog header - Rapper Řezník in his new music video surronded by girls.


25. 2. 2021

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Dear fans of latex fashion,

The rapper Řezník is known on the Czech scene for his irresistible charm, sense for aesthetics and last but not least his outlook on the world of fashion. Beside quality, highly sophisticated musical creations, he often wows us with his music videos and even films. This eccentric artist knows what women like, therefore he dressed them in products from our workshop in his new music video "Děvky Musej Škemrat" ("Whores Need To Beg").

This music video is the first sneak peek from Řezník’s prepared album "Straight Outta Sklep", which you can preorder along with other merchandise in his online store.






10% discount for fans


On the occasion of the release of this masterpiece, we’ve prepared a 10% discount for you on those products, which you can see featured in the music video, along with a few more. The choker "Mr. Heavyduty" for romantic fun in the basement. The fashion harness "Femmeframe" in all its available colour options along with the harness "The Soldier". Of course the same also goes for our latex underwear. You can find the complete list of products this sale applies to below. In the first step of your order, all you need to do is paste the following code in the field "Voucher / Discount code": "straightouttasklep".


The sale ends on March 31st, 2021



Black latex panties G-string of a simple design, fastened in the front by two hooks.

Latex panties G-string

Simple latex panties in black.

Latex panties

Black high waisted latex panties of anatomical cut.

High waisted latex panties

High waisted latex panties with suspenders in black colour.

High waisted latex panties with suspenders

A massive choker necklace made from transparent PVC, decorated with a robust metal loop.

Choker "Mr. Heavyduty"

Fashion harness made of 2 cm wide straps over the entire chest in black.

Fashion harness "Vestige"

Fashion harness which forms a large X on the chest in black.

Fashion harness "The Soldier"

Fashion harness reminiscent of a bra. Shown in black.

Fashion harness "Femmeframe"




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