Safe shopping during the coronavirus pandemic

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Safe and comfortable shopping from your home


Thank you for your support during the coronavirus crisis. We value your orders in these hard times immensely and are doing everything we can to deliver them to you as fast as possible. We take the Covid-19 pandemic seriously and are doing everything to ensure that your shopping experience in our online store is safe and comfortable while keeping all of the delivery services available to us.


Five laid out choker necklaces “Mr. Ringswing” in various colours.

Maximum cleanliness of the working place

We pay heed to maximum cleanliness of our working space and our own safety. We have our small workshop at home and since the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, we’ve been isolating ourselves from our environment in order to fully eliminate any chances of infection. For our surfaces and tools, we regularly use disinfectant and are being extra careful when manipulating with the products.


Wrapping material

We have a solid supply of packaging material bought before the crisis outbreak. Provided we would have to buy more, we will proceed with maximum vigilance and carefulness and will wait at least twice as long before using them as the virus is able to survive on cardboard.


Staying informed

We actively keep an eye on the development of the situation and if needed, will continue to further the safety measures regarding our production.



Safe delivery during the pandemic


We thank you for understanding the current situation and for your indulgence with possible short delays in delivery. Due to the minimisation of contact with other people, we now send out your orders each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which can lead to a one-day delay as opposed to our usual speed delivery time. In case of any questions or concerns about the status of your order, message us or call us at na +420702023763.

Neatly organised drawers with metal components for crafting chokers.

Zásilkovna delivery

When choosing an outpost of this delivery service, you will now see only those, which are really open. Follow the Czech government issued safety precautions when picking up your delivery.


Czech post and DPD

At present, many Czech post outposts are closed or have different opening hours, however that doesn’t change anything for us, we still send orders via Czech post as well as the DPD company.


International delivery

We continue to ship worldwide and are even broadening our options for cheaper delivery to other European countries, as well as the US. Thank you for your indulgence regarding longer delivery times caused by the current crisis.







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