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Not sure what size to order? Don't worry, we've got you :) This section will provide you with all the necessary information, including a table with the numbers for each of the five standard sizes, as well as instructions how to measure yourself in case you don't know yourself that well :) With this guide, you'll be ready to order in a few minutes.

We've also added an important paragraph or two about a very common (and also very wrong) conception that you should buy latex clothing one size smaller. Long story short: you shouldn't! :)



Ladies size chart


Height155 - 158cm159 - 162cm163 - 166cm167 - 170cm171 - 174cm
NEckn/a28 - 31cm32 - 35cm36 - 39cm40 - 43cm
Bust71 - 78cm79 - 86cm87 - 94cm95 - 102cm103 - 110cm
Waist53 - 62cm63 - 72cm73 - 82cm83 - 92cm93 - 102cm
Hips73 - 82cm83 - 92cm93 - 102cm103 - 112cm113 - 122cm



Gentlemans size chart


Height160 - 165cm166 - 171cm172 - 179cm180 - 184cm185 - 190cm
Neckn/a28 - 31cm32 - 35cm36 - 39cm40 - 43cm
Bust79 - 85cm86 - 93cm94 - 101cm102 - 109cm110 - 117cm
Waist68 - 75cm76 - 80cm80 - 88cm89 - 97cm98 - 106cm



So how do I measure myself?


It's very simple. Have you got a tape measure? Great! You don't? No problem! Use some string, a piece of ribbon or anything similar, wrap it around your body in the right places to get the girth, and then use anything with a scale on it. Even an ordinary ruler will do :) It will all take just a minute because you won't need much data to select a size.

In fact, all we need to know in order to select an appropriate size for you is your height and the girth of your chest, waist and hips. The rest is up to us and our plentiful experience with designing clothes which ensures that a particular size will always fit nicely regardless of whether your body measurements are just in the middle of its range or closer to its limits.

Please follow the instructions on the pictures to take these basic measurements on a male or female figure. If you're not sure about anything, don't hesitate to contact us and ask for advice! In very rare cases, you may discover you are either too small even for XS or too large for XL, but that's just a minor inconvenience – visit our bespoke section and we'll be glad to help :)



Jak se správně naměřit

a) Výška postavy - měří se po zádech od pat až k temeni hlavy. Bez bot :)

b) Obvod krku - měří se středem vyšeho krku.

c) Obvod hrudníku - měří se přes bradavky, v zásadě v nejširším místě hrudníku.

d) Obvod pasu - nejužší místo na trupu.

e) Obvod boků - měří se přes nejširší místo v bocích.



My friends said I should buy latex one size smaller...


Oh, is that so? Well, tell them to keep such silly advice to themselves next time :) This is a very common misconception, but it makes no sense, especially if we're speaking about hand-crafted apparel made by skilled artisans. Buying a smaller size will gain you absolutely nothing except for a tight, uncomfortable piece of clothing you won't enjoy wearing.

Granted, latex is extremely elastic, and an XL-sized person could, with some effort, squeeze into a XS-sized item. On the other hand, you must keep in mind that the more you stretch it, the more it tries to contract. Wearing a very tight outfit can inhibit your movement, among other things like, say, breathing :)

Purchasing a smaller size also makes no sense because Hololatex refuses any form of sze discrimination. Our products always cost the same, no matter whether you buy them in XS or XL. To conclude, if you're still worried that a particular size won't fit you well, allow us to be so bold and offer you the option of having any of our designs made to measure :)





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