Terms of use


1. Legal Relationships and General Stipulations


1.1.         Force and effect. These Terms of Use come into force and effect on 1 October 2017..


1.2.         Website. Within this document, the term website shall refer to any page found at www.hololatex.com including all subsections and subdomains.


1.3.         Restricted access sections. Within this document, the term restricted access section shall refer to any pages or groups of pages on the website that are subject to specific access rules, e.g. pages requiring registration and logging in, or pages behind a paywall. The website shall clearly define which pages are found in the restricted access sections.


1.4.        Service. Within this document, the term service shall refer to the information society service you use by accessing the website, owned by entrepreneur Dominika Bělová with her registered office at Na lučinách 651/12, 4712 Proboštov, Czech Republic registered in the Commercial Register, Co. Reg. No. 03672263, not liable to VAT (hereinafter we and related pronouns). Using the service creates a legal relationships between us and the recipient (hereinafter you and related pronouns).


1.5.         Website content. Within this document, the term website content shall refer to any data delivered to you upon your request through an internet browser, including but not limited to texts, images, and source codes.


1.6.        Scope of the service. The service shall provide no guaranteed minimal scope. The service may become temporarily or permanently unavailable in its part or entirety. The design and features of the user interface may be altered or removed at any time based on our unilateral consideration, and without prior notice.


1.7.         Costs. The service is provided free of charge with the possible exception of restricted access sections. The costs of hardware, software and connectivity necessary for using the service shall be covered by you.


1.8.        Reservation. We reserve the right to alter and update this document at any time. You are obliged to familiarise yourself with the current version before accessing the website content.


1.9.        General restrictions. It is forbidden to use any means whatsoever to disrupt or bypass any security measures related to the service, to the website, to related services and websites, or computer networks.


1.10.       Exclusion of liability. In the extent permitted by law, you agree that we shall not be liable for any harm suffered in relation to the service. You also agree that compensation for any damage shall be limited to CZK 0.




2. Copyright


2.1.         Licence exclusion. Should the website content, in part or its entirety, be protected by copyright, and unless the description of the content states otherwise, you are not given licence to use the website content without our explicit consent, with exceptions stipulated by law.


2.2.        Database rights. You shall not exploit or make use of our databases without our explicit consent. You shall also undertake that you shall refrain form such actions in relation to such databases that are not protected by copyright.


2.3.        Links. Should you provide a link to the website, you shall not give third parties access to such links that would bypass our security measures or content distribution management tools, e.g. links available only within restricted access sections or to registered users. We also reserve the right to alter the structure and content of the website, and to use new or modified content management tools which may cause previously accessed content to become unavailable. You acknowledge that in such cases, you are not entitled to any compensation.




3. Personal Data Processing and Temporary Files


3.1.         Personal data provided to us for contractual purposes. Personal data provided to us for the purpose of ordering goods are subject to conditions for personal data processing stipulated by documents you shall be provided with before entering into a purchase agreement.


3.2.        Personal data provided to use elsewhere on the website. The following conditions shall apply to personal data entered elsewhere on the website and not covered by the previous paragraph. In the case of data not processed pursuant to law, you agree with their processing in the extent that stems from the purpose of their processing.


3.3.        Purposes of personal data processing. This shall particularly apply to personal data processed for the purpose of:


3.3.1.       storing and retrieving temporary files into and from your device, including cases where such files represent personal data; temporary files that are not personal data, are covered below;


3.3.2.       user account management;


3.3.3.       marketing activities, including commercial communication.


In cases not covered by the previous conditions, we shall inform you about the necessity to provide a special consent for processing personal data.


3.4.        Scope of the processed personal data. We may process the following personal data:


3.4.1.       name and surname;


3.4.2.      date of birth;


3.4.3.      address;


3.4.4.      email address;


3.4.5.      phone number;


3.4.6.      IČO (company register number) and DIČ (VAT register number);


3.4.7.      IP address;


3.4.8.      body measures.


3.5.        Personal data processing consent withdrawal. You may withdraw your consent to have your personal data processed for the purposes of commercial communication at any time, as well as your prior consent to have you personal data processed for any other purposes, preferably by:


3.5.1.       sending an email to our email address.


3.6.        Rights of data subjects. As a data subject, you have the right:


3.6.1.       to ask for an update of inaccurate or obsolete data;


3.6.2.      to ask for information about the processing of your personal data for which we may ask for compensation for necessary costs;


3.6.3.      to ask for clarification or rectification, should you deem that we process your personal data in a manner which breaches the protection of your private and personal rights, or violates law.


3.7.        Files stored in your device for later access (temporary files). Our website may use cookies and other similar technologies (such as Adobe Flash). In other words, small data files may be stored into a designated part of your device's memory, enabling us to provide the service to you and improve its quality. The following section shall cover such temporary files which are not considered personal data (those being covered in the previous sections).


3.8.        Temporary files necessary for the provision of the service. Certain temporary files are technologically necessary for the provision of the service. In other words, the provision of the service would be impossible without storing these files on your device. The files in question are:


3.8.1.       those representing the content of your virtual cart;


3.8.2.      those representing your preferences related to product filtering;


3.8.3.      those representing your preferences related to language and currency;


3.8.4.      those representing your preferences related to shipping, delivery and payment methods;


3.8.5.      those carrying information related to your confirmation of meeting an age limit;


3.8.6.      those carrying information related to closing a dialogue with a newsletter offer.


3.9.        Temporary files stored for the purpose of offering added value. Certain temporary files are stored on your device in order to improve the quality of the service and personalise it according to your preferences. The files in question are:


3.9.1.       those carrying information related to your user behaviour within the website, including files that shall be processed by third parties in an anonymised form for the purpose of web traffic analysis;


3.9.2.      those carrying information related to you preferences that shall be processed for advertising purposes and allow us to offer products and services that are relevant to you;


3.9.3.      those carrying information related to your geographical position.


Concerning these files, you agree with them being stored on your device.


3.10.       Refusal to store temporary files, and blocking. Although your browser may not support storing temporary files altogether, you shall usually be able to manage and block them. Please be aware that should you choose to block such files, certain parts of the service may not functional properly as a result, for example logging in, managing your user account or selecting a preferred language version.




4. User Account


4.1.        Definition. A user account is defined as an entry in our database and related data with a username and password which serve for authentication. A user account may be associated with personal data. In cases where a user account represents a legal entity, such personal data may identify the individual who acts on that entity's behalf.


4.2.        Use of a user account. Certain parts of the service may require access through a user account. In such cases, you must register a user account under the conditions stipulated below.


4.3.        Registration and Conditions. By registering, you express your acknowledgement of the following conditions:


4.3.1.       Registration is achieved upon your request sent though an online form found on the website, provided that you have filled in all required information and expressed your consent with these Term of Use.


4.3.2.      An email address may be associated with one user account only.


4.3.3.      We reserve the right to refuse a registration.


4.3.4.      A user account serves as a means of communication between you and us. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure only you and appointed third parties have access to your account. Any actions by such third parties shall be considered as performed on your behalf.


4.3.5.      For the purposes of system maintenance, we reserve the right to delete inactive or duplicate user accounts.


4.3.6.      Should you violate these conditions, we shall have the right to deny or limit your access to the service, e.g. by blocking your user account, deleting it or denying you access to the website.




5. User Content


5.1.         Content control. Your activities within the service shall not be subject to research, approval or moderation, and we shall not examine their compliance with law. However, we reserve the right to perform various content control activities, both prior to, and after user control is published, and to filter or delete it (e.g. delaying spam or offensive comments or deleting content which violates law).


5.2.        Uploaded content. The service shall allow you to upload and store content on our storage (hereinafter uploaded content). You acknowledge that we provide no guarantee that the uploaded content shall remain unaltered or accessible. You especially acknowledge that we shall not be responsible for any damage caused by the content becoming lost or damaged.


5.3.        Third party rights, and legal obligations related to uploaded files. By uploading user content within the service, you declare that you have the right to do so, i.e. the content is not protected by copyright, you are its author or you have been given authority to handle the content in the required extent. You also acknowledge that should we discover that the service has been used to transfer or upload content unlawfully, we have the right to delete or deny access to that content, as well as the responsibility to cooperate with authorities investigating potential unlawful actions, which may include us sharing data related to your person.


5.4.        Features related to user content. Within the service, we also allow:


5.4.1.       posting public comments;


5.4.2.      managing a blog (i.e. your own channel with user posts);


5.4.3.      posting user reviews of purchased products;


5.4.4.      uploading user avatars.


These features are subject to conditions stipulated by paragraphs 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3 as well as the aforementioned definition of uploaded content. Sharing copyright-protected content, posting offensive content or posting unauthorised offers of trademark-protected goods or services shall be considered as unlawful content.






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