The First Kickoff

The First Kickoff


11 / 10 / 2017

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The deed has been done! Six months of intensive work, five minutes of glory. Others go out on a limb, Hololatex went out to fetish night! We had the opportunity to finally reveal ourselves to the world during the 2017 Prague Fetish Weekend festival's Saturday event, and would like to dedicate the first post on this blog to our show and everything that came before it.

But first of all, some thanks are in order. We raise our glasses to everyone who gave us a hand during the previous months, and whose support allowed us to prepare our unforgettable premiere. Some of those people could be seen on stage, others remained in the background but were essential nonetheless. We could have never achieved this without you and your effort!

We would also thank the organisers of the festival for allowing us to participate in the event. One could hardly find a better opportunity to launch a new latex fashion brand than Prague Fetish Weekend. And last but not least, a great shout-out to all of you who gave us a mighty cheer at the event and later flooded us with words of praise. We are truly flattered and honoured!

In case you missed the show, don't worry, a video will be released eventually. Until then, you will have to make do with our slightly biased description. When you hear about a fashion show, you probably imagine a model going up and down the catwalk and the disappearing backstage. We decided to do it our way, however, and to offer the audience a dynamic show with a drop of humour in it.



The football theme was not chosen randomly. Not only did it allow us to narrate a short story and fill the stage with gorgeous cheerleaders, but sport is probably not the first association that comes to mind in connection with latex... and that is exactly what Hololatex strives for – to bring down stereotypes and offer something novel. And while we're at it…

We both think that excessive seriousness can be bad for you whereas the ability to make fun of oneself should be treasured as great asset. Fortunately, we are surrounded by people who do not lack this rare quality, the proof of which could be seen on stage. Yes, we are referring to the three handsome heroes who did not hesitate to grab their pompons and make the show truly unique.

Later during the evening, we launched the website, had some well-deserved drinks, and then... started packing everything into boxes and taking them back to the workshop, the less glamorous and unsung part of any performance. Those several boxes we carried from the club contained the results of many months of hard work, so please allow us a few words full of badly concealed sentiment.



For both of us, Hololatex represents a personal milestone, if only in the sense that we have never embarked upon such a massive quest. Sure, we have been active around Hell Studio – another group of people we need to thank for their support and experience – but doing something on this scale without patronage and on our own? That was something new.

Altogether, the preparations took over a year, with the work becoming very intensive in the spring of 2017. We are very proud to be self-sufficient, making our own designs, each piece from our workshop an original, every letter and ornament cut and glued by either of us and nobody else. This approach has its disadvantages, though, especially when two perfectionists are involved.

In should be mentioned that Hololatex was created in our spare time as we both had to attend to our regular work and Kameko needed to study. We met in the evenings and on weekends, going without rest, and sacrificing our hobbies – or, better put, our other hobbies – to find as much time for the project as possible.

We worked like mad over the summer, cutting, drawing and glueing every day. Then autumn came, fetish night was a month away and it seemed we were ready, finally able to get some rest... except we decided we actually weren't. Cursing our perfectionism, we started improving the already finished products, improving a detail here and there, or going back to the drawing board and redesigning some of them completely.



Suddenly, we had just a week to go, there was a dress rehearsal we had to supervise, we cut and glued black and white stripes for a new referee costume, staring with bloodshot eyes, lacking sleep and sometimes just wishing for it to be finally over. It was this last week that taught us how surprisingly hard and complicated it is to prepare even such a seemingly simple performance.

It took another week after the event for us to recuperate, sort all the costumes and treat them properly, and catch up on sleep. But it was worth it, since now we can proudly claim we have made the most important step... and add that if the likes of us can manage to launch a project of this scale, anyone else can do it too. All you need is to go for it and never give up. It might sound a bit cheesy but there sure is something to it.

Read you soon!


You will find more photos from Prague Fetish Weekend at the:





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