The Poster Girl: Hololatex at PFW 2018



09 / 26 / 2018

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Dear friends of alternative fashion,

this year's Prague Fetish Weekend (PFW) festival is just around the corner, and Hololatex will be right in the middle of it! This time, you'll find us at Friday's Fetish Market with our own stand full of latex designs, harnesses, chokers and other hand-crafted items from our workshop. Don't forget to drop by and get yourself a little souvenir :) Some of the products will be displayed for the very first time!

Although we won't have our own show on Saturday's fetish night, you'll find us in the audience, and we surely won't say no to drink or two with you :) We've also had the honour of designing and crafting a latex dress for the event's host, so in a way, we'll be right there on the stage for the entire evening. Also, you might've noticed our Nautilus dress on this year's official poster :).




Friends, we've made it so far over the past year, and we couldn't have done it without your support. It's hard to describe how deeply grateful we are. Our customers' interest and positive feedback are the fuel that propels us forward. They are the reason why we work with a smile. A year ago, we had certain hopes and expectations, but the current reality exceeds our wildest dreams.

One final note: Prague Fetish Weekend is the highlight of the season, and many of you trusted us to provide you with new clothes and accessories for the event. We'd like to assure you that everything is going according to plan, and all orders will be delivered in time. Furthermore, we'll start accepting new orders right after PFW with enough time to dress you for your Christmas party!


Enjoy the early Autumn days and see you at PFW!

Your Hololatex


Backstage from shooting

Official flyer for PFW 2018



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