We are Hololatex

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31. 01. 2018

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Since the end of 2017, there is a new brand of latex fashion in the Czech Republic. Yes, that would be us. We offer hand-grafted latex clothing and non-leather accessories which are created exclusively in our workshop, from making the first sketch to packing the finished product and sending it to the customer.

We are both trained in diverse fields of the clothing industry and share a passion for work, extravagant fashion, and unusual materials. We have acquired years of experience through working with many Czech performers and bands, for whom we’ve created costumes and props. At some point we found the courage to start our own project to freely realise our own visions.




Girl in latex dress in the cofee house.

Colourfull chokers in making.

Model in latex biker jacket and panties.



Latex gets often associated solely with the underground community, which is a shame. We consider it an interesting and novel material which could without doubt find its way into the wardrobes of any self-confident man or woman. That is why breaking latex free of the usual stereotypes is one of Hololatex’s main goals.

We want to help latex lose the label of a material that should be accepted only in dungeons or alternative clubs. Our offer is therefore being expanded mostly through pieces, which you can wear even to more conventional parties, or just when going out in the city. Although latex clothing is not suitable for everyday wearing, they have a place at parties, concerts, and other social events.

The essential value of Hololatex is quality manual work. We enjoy it, and are not embarrassed to use terms like craft and workshop instead of cooler-sounding words like design and studio. We are incorrigible perfectionists, and while this may sometimes mean that we won’t get a good night’s sleep, it also means you will always receive top-quality garments and accessories from us.

In addition to our original designs, we offer crafting bespoke items based purely on your own fantasy. The sky’s the limit, and if the materials’ physical properties allow it, we will accept every challenge. We are also very happy to answer any questions about our portfolio or latex in general. Send us a message over the contact form, we are here to help.