Wear and tear

Díry, švy a trhliny


A sharp fingernail, your friend doing wild gestures with a lit cigarette, someone with a spiky bracelet deciding to pat you on the back... trust us, we've been there :) If you've had a similar accident, rest assured that it's not the end of the world! In other words, we've got you!



Oh no, it's...


Latex has one great advantage – you can douse it with (almost) any liquid without causing any permanent damage. You've spilled a glass of wine on yourself? So what? Wipe yourself off with some paper tissue, perhaps give yourself a little shine if necessary, and you can party on :)

Still, there are unfortunately many ways to destroy your beloved latex dress, and it's especially bitter if this happens while wearing it for the first time. We trust you know how to take care of your latex, and what dangers to avoid – after all, we've written you a nice guide – but sometimes, things just happen.

Let's face it – a pierced or torn piece of latex clothing will never be the same again. However, if you let us know, we'll do everything in our power to try and save it. We can't tell you whether a repair is possible (nor the price) unless we know the nature and extent of the damage – so send us a message, tell us what happened, and we'll see what we can do :)


save my latex



With the exception of extremely rare and specific cases, we refuse to repair items that weren't purchased in our online store. Designing and crafting our own clothing and accessories will always have priority over repairing third-party products. We hope you understand.

If you have a damaged product bought in our online store and you feel the damage was caused by a defect (i.e. it’s our fault), please visit our Claims and Returns section.





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