We've had enough :)

We've had enough


08 / 28 / 2017

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Dear customers,


over the last weeks, we've been experiencing a flood of new orders for bespoke items. We are amazed and deeply grateful for your trust in our young brand, and since we refuse to lower our standards, we've decided to temporarily postpone the processing of new orders for latex apparel and fashion harnesses.

Orders placed before the end of August will be accepted and delivered within the periods stated on our website, in rare cases a little bit later :) However, while you may keep ordering clothes and harnesses after the end of the month, orders placed on 1/9/2018 and later won’t be processed until 29/10/2018.

There is a possibility that we will see another similar stoppage sometime before Christmas. If you've already decided to buy a particular item, please place your order in advance to secure a place in the queue :) Care products, accessories and other small items will be available throughout the next months without any restrictions.

Hololatex values precise craftsmanship, and we feel that we couldn't assure the quality and timely delivery of our products if we didn't stop accepting new orders for a while. We hope you understand. Therefore, if you wish us to dress you for the upcoming Prague Fetish Weekend 2018, you need to let us know as soon as possible. Preferably, right now.


Dress me for PFW


Read you soon!

Your happy but incredibly busy Hololatex




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