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Latex care is the foundation of your long-lasting satisfaction with latex clothing. Correct and regular care will prolong the lifespan of latex products and give them cleanliness and a dazzling shine, which plays a big part in their visual attractiveness. That’s why in our category with latex care you will find solely products developed specifically for this material. We offer exclusively agents from the luxurious brand beGLOSS of excellent quality, which are maximally gentle towards latex, and thanks to which you will yield astonishing results. Whether it be regular washing, polishing or dressing aid, we can only recommend beGLOSS products. We ourselves use products from this brand and all latex items on our website are treated with exactly these products.

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  • BeGLOSS Special Wash detergent for latex clothes in a 250ml bottle. BeGLOSS Special Wash detergent for latex clothes in a 250ml bottle.
    beGLOSS Special Wash – latex cleaning agent

    An effective, high quality detergent for latex clothes and accessories. It quickly and effectively removes all dirt, powder and polish residue and leaves the latex surface beautifully clean. It’s developed directly for the hand washing of latex clothes and is therefore extremely gentle on this material. BeGLOSS Special Wash is an essential part of proper...

    400,00 Kč
  • BeGLOSS Perfect Shine - top quality latex polish in a 250ml bottle. BeGLOSS Perfect Shine - top quality latex polish in a 250ml bottle.
    beGLOSS Perfect Shine – latex polishing agent

    Premium quality latex polish for application in a water bath or directly on clothing. This essential product will give the products from our workshop a dazzling shine, which is typical for this material. BeGLOSS products are developed specifically for latex garments, so you can be sure that they are 100% gentle and friendly towards this material. We offer...

    600,00 Kč
  • A bottle of beGLOSS Perfect Shine Daylight agent with a pump-spray. Contains 100 ml.
    beGLOSS Perfect Shine Daylight – latex polishing agent with pump-spray

    BeGLOSS Perfect Shine Daylight is a high-quality gloss with UV protection for latex clothing and accessories. This agent provides protection of latex outfits worn in the daylight and the sun, and slows down the process of the colour-fading and darkening. A small price to pay for the provided protection is a slightly more matte appearance of the latex...

    400,00 Kč
  • A purple and black beGLOSS Wipe cloth.
    beGLOSS Wipe - polishing cloth for latex

    BeGLOSS Wipe is a microfiber cloth, which will help you achieve the stunning effects of clean, even mirror-like polishing of your latex clothing. The black side of the cloth will help you spread the polish and the purple one is for the polishing itself. BeGLOSS Wipe is very gentle and helps to prevent unwanted latex abrasion during polishing. Thanks to...

    300,00 Kč
  • A can of powder for latex beGLOSS Powder containing 120 g.
    beGLOSS Powder – fine powder for latex

    The beGLOSS Powder is a super fine, snow-white powder for the treatment of your latex outfits. The powder serves as an aid with getting dressed as well as a protective agent for the storage of latex clothing, where it prevents its perishing and prolongs the preservation of its properties. We offer the powder in a can of 120 g. The beGLOSS Powder is a...

    400,00 Kč
  • BeGLOSS Easy Glide – latex dressing aid in a 100ml spray bottle. BeGLOSS Easy Glide – latex dressing aid in a 100ml spray bottle.
    beGLOSS Easy Glide – latex dressing aid pump-spray

    Getting dressed in latex clothes has never been easier. BeGLOSS Easy Glide is a gentle oil that is applied on the inside of your latex outfit. Using a practical sprayer will make it easy to put on even very tight clothes. BeGLOSS Easy Glide is made directly for latex, making it a product that is extremely gentle on this material. We offer this agent in...

    400,00 Kč
  • beGLOSS Perfect Shine Premium - latex polishing agent pump-spray in a 100ml bottle. beGLOSS Perfect Shine Premium - latex polishing agent pump-spray in a 100ml bottle.
    beGLOSS Perfect Shine Premium – latex polishing agent with pump-spray

    A luxurious polish for latex clothing beGLOSS Perfect Shine Premium with a pump-spray for application gives latex its characteristic shine and takes care of it at the same time. Thanks to the practical travel packaging with a pump-spray, you can easily touch up and polish your latex outfit even throughout the night. We offer the polishing agent in bottles...

    400,00 Kč


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