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Latex gloves are the perfect accessory to almost any latex outfit. Long latex gloves excel aesthetically as an accessory to latex dresses, short latex gloves in specific colours will quickly become a perfect accessory for example to a latex bodysuit. We offer latex gloves in various lengths and styles, from long regular ones, to short fingerless designs. We also offer seamless gloves, therefore poured, however only in a limited amount of colours.

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  • Long fingerless latex gloves in black colour.
    Long fingerless latex gloves

    Long fingerless latex gloves are gloves, which start at the palm and end way above the elbow. They have an anatomical cut to ensure a perfect fit and have reinforced edges. They of course feature an opening for the thumb. Fingerless gloves are very practical and comfortable even throughout the whole evening. We craft them from fine 0.33mm latex in CZ....

    1 500,00 Kč
  • Black fingerless latex gloves.
    Fingerless latex gloves

    Fingerless latex gloves are an ideal latex accessory to almost any latex outfit. With the right colour choice you can use them to accessorise latex dresses, latex bodysuits and much more. The gloves are anatomically formed and have an opening for the thumb. They begin at the palms and go up to slightly over the wrist. All edges on these gloves are hemmed...

    1 000,00 Kč
  • Long elegant latex gloves in white colour.
    Long latex gloves

    Luxurious long latex gloves in a clean, smooth design. The gloves are molded and therefore completely seamless. They have an anatomical form, which will perfectly cling to you along the whole length from your fingertips all the way to the middle of your upper arm and create an effect of second skin. The distinct length of these latex gloves makes them a...

    1 700,00 Kč


Bespoke Latex gloves



Hololatex is here for you. We are professionals and offer experience of many years in the production of clothing and accessories from alternative materials. We will take care of you from the consultation, creating a perfectly fitted pattern, to the delivery of your dream product.




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